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Different Types of Tiling Available in The Market

Tiles are available in different shapes and sizes. You can install tiles on the floor. Apart from that, you can also use tiles on your roof and splashbacks. But choosing the right kind of tiles will be difficult and you need to consider several factors before you choose the tiles. You need to know about different types of tiles available in the market and you can find some useful information here. 


Advantages of choosing ceramic tiles:

Ceramic tiles are the most common type of tiles available in the market, and you can use them in your kitchen and bathroom. These tiles are waterproof and easy to clean, and they are very hard and durable. Ceramic tiles are available in different types and you can use them on your walls and floor.

They have a glossy finish, and they are lightweight than other tiles. You need to choose the heavier tiles for the floor because floors have to bear the heavy foot traffic and you have to install the furniture on your floor.  If you want to install such ceramic tiles on the wet area, then you must choose the matt finish because glossy tiles can fade away faster, and you need to replace those tiles recurrent times. Apart from that, you may have a hot shower in your bathroom and warm water can ruin the look of your tiles. So, whenever you choose to tile, you need to hire an expert. They will install the right ceramic tiles in your home.

You need to install such ceramic tiles with small gaps and you need to reseal such tiles every year. You can fill the grout of such tiles with some colored adhesive. Ceramic tiles are available in various colors and sizes, and you can choose the large-sized tiles for your bathroom.

Advantages of choosing natural stone tiles:

There are some natural stones available which look similar to ceramic tiles and you can use such stones on your floor. These stones are heavyweight, and you can choose marble, slate, and sandstone, or limestone for your home. These stones are available in natural finishes and you can customize these stones according to your needs. But, after cutting such stones, you can find some dips, grooves, and bumps on your floor and you have to polish your stone to give them a new look.

Natural stones can absorb water and they completely slip-resistant. But you need to spend a huge maintenance cost on these stones, and you have to seal such stones every year to prevent stains. Apart from that, stones are expensive than ceramic tiles and you need to spend more on such stones. But natural stones will increase the resale value of your home and they can last longer than ceramic tiles.

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Advantages of choosing the cork tiles:

Cork tiles are warmer than ceramic tiles and you can use them in your living area. If you live in a cold region then you can use such cork tiling for your home improvement. Apart from that, cork tiles are softer than other tiles and are available in sealed versions. You need to reseal such tiles every year and you have to use some special adhesive for the same.

Apart from that, there are vinyl tiles available for your floor and you can use them to save your maintenance cost. Before you choose the type of tiling, you can search them online. You will find various types of tiles online and you can choose the best patterns according to your needs.  

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