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Different Types Of Window Decals

Companies looking to advertise themselves always look for mainstream advertising strategies that enhance their presence. Window decals are one of the popular options that you can opt for when marketing your brand. Windows are the open spaces that you can utilize to display what your business is about.

Moreover, window decals also serve as a covering for windows. So, they give you a two-in-one advantage. Window decals are an excellent way to turn a space into a creative one as well as a way to advertise your brand. This article will tell you all you need to know about what window decals are and their types. 

What Are Window Decals?

Window decals are made of vinyl sheets that are adhesive allowing them to stick to your windows and last for a long time. Window decals are designed on computer software allowing you to design whatever you would like. 

Window decals are a great option for corporate businesses, storefronts, vehicles, restaurants, and more. Many new businesses in the market are opting for window decals on their vehicles to advertise and market their business. 

Such window decals are adhesive and sticky enough to withstand weather conditions. They are strong and durable making them an ideal choice for all kinds of business and for any weather condition.

Types Of Window Decals

Different types of window decals are used for multiple businesses. Deciding on the type of window decal you would like for your business will depend on what you would like to display. You can order your decals according to their customized designs and sizes. The four main types of window decals are:


  1. Transparent Window Decals

Transparent window decals are see-through. You stick them on the inside of glass, so that they can avoid any problems related to outside weather conditions. There are many intricate designs applicable to window decals.

Transparent window decals are useful when you want to see outside as well as display your business name. People can also see inside your store through a transparent window decal. Such window decals must have strong contrasting colors to create a more visible design on a transparent background. 

  1. Perforated Window Decals

These types of window decals offer a one-way vision. Perforated window decals are printed on adhesive perforated material that has micro punctures in it. These are the tiny holes that allow one-way vision.

These micro punctures won’t affect the outlook of your decal. Passersby will get the full effect of your image. Perforated window decals are great when you or your customers want to see outside your store. People out on the street won’t be able to see inside your store. Such window decals give good privacy. 

These window decals are common among store owners of all kinds and corporate businesses. They also provide a good amount of shade and privacy, along with being weather and waterproof. 


  1. Opaque Window Decals

Opaque window decals are manufactured on solid background colors. Therefore, they won’t provide any visibility, whether from inside or outside of the window. Opaque window decals are great when you want to have complete privacy for your business. 

You can also turn your store into a creative mural with opaque window decals. These are also common among restaurants where owners want to display food with contrasting and more visible colors. 

Opaque window decals can be of any size, and are easy to install. There is no professional help needed to install them. Opaque decals are made of 3 mil vinyl that makes them waterproof. You can install them inside or outside of your store. 

  1. Double-Sided Decals

Double-sided decals are more expensive as compared to other kinds of window decals. The reason is that it takes three layers to make one double-sided window decal. This increases the cost because of the more material used. However, they are economical when you want to print stickers for both sides of the glass. 

Double-sided decals are great for marketing your products or sales for both incoming and outgoing customers. They are used in boutiques, restaurants, and grocery stores.

Invest In The Right Kind Of Window Decals

Investing in window decals of any type can increase your brand's appearance in the market. It also shows the creative side of your marketing plan attracting more customers to your business. 

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