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Different Ways To Solve Http Error 500 WordPress


Operating your website through the WordPress platform brings several errors. Ensure that you can solve minor errors of your website. Endeavouring to eliminate Http error 500 WordPress is very complicated. But you can give it a try. Here are steps to steps instruction for solving internal server error. Go through all these instructions and remove the error from your site permanently.


What is WordPress Error 500?


It is slightly awkward to describe the 500 internal server error accurately. There is no correct way to know precisely that causes error 500. It is not specific to WordPress only, but many other sites often receive this error. But as we know it a generic error and it doesn't tell what went wrong with the website.  


Fortunately, there are different ways to eliminate this error. It would help if you tried a variety of tips to fix the error on your own. If we consider WordPress, it caused by many actions. It can be misconfigured .htaccess file, plugins corrupting the website; themes disturbing the site, default memory limit ends, etc.  



How to Troubleshoot Internal Server Error in WordPress


Plenty of methods are available to troubleshoot an internal server error. You can solve the issue with the following steps:


Re-upload the WordPress core file 


Often the WordPress core files bring issues on the website. So it would help if you chose to reinstall the core files. This would fix the error you are encountering. Specifically, when there is file and folder permissions error. Visit the WordPress.org or talk to your WordPress developer. Install the new core files from the website. Take the back up of your site before performing this task.


Replace the theme 


Faulty scripts in the custom theme are a generic issue that could raise WordPress Error 500 on the website. If you find one of your themes is bringing the error, the quickest method to identify this to replace it with the default theme. Usually, core themes are big free. If your sites operate with the default theme, then you can try to solve the broken script with your recommend theme, or you can install the new theme.


 The .htaccess file needs to check.


The .htaccess file is the main file of the website that enables the server to know what should do in specific circumstances. It helps to stop unauthorized sources from accessing your website. It can breakdown your site sometimes.


You will require an FTP login account to see the hidden files. First of all, take back up of your WordPress website. Now check the root folder to edit in this file. You will find the .htaccess file on the root directory. Delete the file and then create the current version .htaccess file. After creating the file, check your website by reloading it. If the site is working correctly, it means .htaccess file was the reason behind internal server error.  


Turn off the Plugins


If you are not confident which of these plugins is causing the error, then you need to turn them off. Now recheck your site by refreshing it. If your site loads successfully, it means that one of your plugins was causing the error. All you require to eliminate plugins one by one and refresh the website. It will help you to identify which of these plugins are offending the website. The Http error 500 WordPress commonly happens because of plugins.


Enable the debugging tool


You can also enable the WordPress debugging tool. However, it will not solve the error directly but help in identifying the error and even help you to locate it. You can activate the WordPress error log on the wp-config.php file. Find the WP_DEBUG inside the file and replace the false command into the true. Create the code if it does not exist in the data. The code is

Define ('WP_DEBUG', true); and write another code after this code. 

Define (‘WP_DEBUG_LOG', true );


These codes will help you to identify errors and also activate the debugging mode for the website.



Exceed Website PHP Memory 


One of the solutions that help in eliminating internal server error is boosting the PHP limit of the website. Open the wp-config.php file and find the WP_MEMORY_LIMIT and then replace the default value 64MB to 256 MB. If this line is available on the site, but in case you didn't notice, then write it.

define ('WP-MEMORY-LIMIT,''256M” );


Memory issues also come when you face WordPress HTTP error when uploading images on the website. However, increasing the PHP limit is a temporary solution. You also detect which is burning the memory of the website.


Ask your hosting company. 


In case you have tried all the methods but not able to fix the error, then the situation is out of your hand. In this situation, you need to consult your host. They are competent to look after the server and identify error from their side. They may find the issue and solve errors accordingly.  

Eliminating a 500 internal server issue is complicated because it is easy to identify where the problem lies. 




The above methods would help to find reasons and solve errors accordingly. But communicating with your host brings the best possible solutions. Always try to troubleshoot the error when you are confident enough to do it. In case you think that you may not handle the solving process, then it is better to get the assistance of experts. Sometimes it becomes critical to solving errors on your own. The experienced WordPress developers can help you to eliminate the error since internal server error is related to the server, so the best thing is to interact with the web host. No one can solve the issue better than hosting company.



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