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Difficulties Faced by Oil and Gas Companies

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Oil and gas companies being one of the most important sectors prefer countries with a stable political environment. They also prefer countries that can enforce long-term leases but sometimes above all this the main factor for choosing a country is simply the availability of oil and gas. Gas companies face lots of problems whenever there is change due to the political environment because every political shift causes a change in the current certain rules and regulations. Therefore these companies need to have a thorough understanding of the political and social environment of the country where they plan to set up.


In developing nations, this risk due to political shift becomes more because everything remains unstable.


Extraction on the other hand is another important and difficult process that needs a lot of research and analysis. There have been cases where the reserves in deposits were found less than expected, in that case, the companies have to bear lots of losses. There are different techniques of oil and gas extraction these days that have helped to extract in places where it would have been unimaginable and impossible to. All these difficulties related to extraction in an area comes under geological risk, to minimize this risk there are oil and gas geologists who study well about the area and give a reserve estimate.


Another important aspect of setting up an oil and gas company is the pricing. It is quite related to the geological risk we discussed above i.e higher the risk of geological extraction higher is the pricing. It is quite obvious that if an area poses more problems to extract you will need more people, more days, more expertise, more machinery, etc which in turn increases the overall cost of extraction. The price of oil and gas is highly unpredictable and unstable due to the uneven nature of its production.


The oil and gas sector in Oman remains the most important source of its economy. The government in Oman is also trying to maximize the benefits of oil and gas projects for the local economy. LPG Gas companies in Oman are growing as prices remain subsidized which helps its expansion in the country. Also according to the latest reports, an increase in gas production in Oman has helped it move to a position where they don’t have to depend on importing much and can supply more gas to the local industries for the next few years.

















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