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Digital Advertising Success Is All About Personalization

Digital Advertising

In the US, 2016 was the first year U.S. marketers went all in for digital ads. In fact, digital ad sales outpaced live TV advertising. No, TV isn’t dead, but more video delivery methods are now available — and they’re more personalized than TV ever could be. And the same can be said for video advertising.

New personalized, multiscreen options

Ad dollars are now going where people are watching, delivering personalized, over-the-top (OTT) experiences across multiple screens. Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu have rich user data embedded in analytics tools that traditional media companies have lacked. They can recognize, understand, and act upon viewer behaviors such as streaming a show on their tablet while working out at the gym then sitting down at home to finish on the TV.

But advertisers still struggle with delivering multiscreen personalized experiences.

Although HBO launched HBO GO a couple years ago, they still stumble with basic multiscreen personalization. For example, when a customer starts watching an episode of VEEP on her iPad while at the airport then switches to a Roku when she gets home, the transitional experience breaks down, leaving her searching for where she left off.

Personalized ad experiences are possible

Getting ad content to users is certainly challenging. Many Millenials and other young generations are opting out of advertising entirely, and they’re skeptical of marketing content in general.

To give your viewers the ad content that’s just right for them you need a unified technology platform—specifically ad software that enables you to automate ad bidding and personalize experiences. Advertisers need to learn what users are doing, rather than simply serving them more ads.

There is no excuse these days. Advertisers can quickly and easily access data that allows them to understand, engage, and capitalize on unique audiences more effectively.

If you’re planning to spend a lot of money developing ad content with new, exciting experiences, you need to see results. With an ad platform that enables advanced levels of multiscreen advertising personalization, you’ll get them.

Millennials have shown that are interested in certain types of content, particularly when they discover it themselves. This is true for advertising as well. When users find content on their own and are able to interact with it in any way they want, they can become very engaged.

Win the game today—but be ready for tomorrow

This is just the beginning when it comes to future possibilities for personalizing multiscreen advertising. Multiscreen advertising personalization is still anyone’s game to win. However, advertisers that put themselves in winning positions by automating bids and personalizing experiences now will definitely lead their peers into the future. With the right ad technology, your brand can see results now, but, better still, you can position yourself to win more eyeballs as they watch their favorite shows.

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