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Digital Marketing Career in 2018 and Onward

digital marketing career in 2018 & onward

Who doesn’t want a satisfying and challenging career path in their life? Whether you are fresher or experienced, Digital Marketing has opened up a wide array of job opportunities for all of you. If you are just a graduate looking for a job, or interested in freelancing then Digital Marketing is the ultimate tool for your career.

What Does Digital Marketing Promise Us

Digital Marketing In 2018 has created a new era in the business industry. The use of digital marketing in business marketing and promotion is daily increasing which clearly defines the use of Digital Marketing is the main pillar of every business. The overall demand is rising as well as the job opportunities in this industry are also increasing. All the jobs from Digital Marketing industry are coming with good pay structures which are making the industry much more attractive to all. There are lot of options within this sector and people are feeling really motivated to get engaged with these works. Digital Marketing ensures high-quality work with higher remunerations. The growth graph is very high and the average annual salary of any Digital Marketing professionals is not less than $60000.

What Does A Fresher Think About Digital Marketing

When freshers first listen the term “Digital Marketing” the first thing that knocks their mind is digital. They don’t follow the word marketing. Being an Internet Marketing Analyst I can clearly identify when I first went to take my Digital Marketing training. On the very first class, I was simply enjoying because of not learning the Digital Marketing, but knowing the future prospects, the salary growth and opportunities. I was pretty much sure that I can achieve my career goal just by building my skills on these internet-based marketing processes.

A fresher can do a lot of things by learning Digital Marketing. They can achieve their desired career goal; they can achieve a good job, they can work on good digital marketing projects, they can start blogging and what not. Digital Marketing ensures a high-quality life for you. As a fresher when you are new in this industry the belief system doesn't work like professionals. It gets matured when you feel the essence of the job and the industry.

“According to another survey done by Kstart, 66% of respondents believed that finding good talent was a major bottleneck because a very few people ‘get’ Digital Marketing. Others felt there wasn’t enough talent in the market. Companies are clearly feeling a shortage when it comes to hiring talented digital marketers.”

So we can understand the demand is very high and what else freshers expect from a job or an industry where their growth and remunerations improve simultaneously.

What Digital Marketing Professionals Think in 2018

If you are already in the Digital Marketing industry and serving companies for long time, then it is inevitable that more number of better opportunities is coming on your way. So be ready and become an expert on this to face-off. In 2018 the Digital Marketing industry is booming and it involves marketing, analytical, technical, creative and problem-solving skills. Upgrading your existing digital marketing skills and building few additional related skills, like HTML, Photoshop, Data Mining etc. will boost your career to a new level.

Digital Marketing Career for Freelancers

Digital Marketing is one of the best domains for those individuals who want to start their career as freelancers. The market scenario is daily changing, and with respect to that freelance job types are also changing. The growth of the freelance job market is daily increasing and Digital Marketing can be a profitable source for a freelancer.

In 2018 the growth of Digital Marketing is very high because every company needs professionals who have in-depth knowledge of Digital Marketing. Companies do need professionals who know SEO, SEM, social media, paid social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing etc. Geographical distance is not a big deal when you are in Digital Marketing industry.

The most important word in freelancing industry is commitment. Your client is your God and your service defines your quality of work. So keep in mind that internet has many Digital Marketing freelance jobs, but when you deliver well and on time then only your work will be compensated.

Digital Marketing for Startups

The growth of Digital Marketing is remarkable and especially for startups, the overall growth is highly appreciable. The question is why startup needs Digital Marketing in 2018? The answer is very simple Digital Marketing is the only medium which ensures highest quality, targeted and measurable traffic for any product promotion.

For Startups, Digital Marketing is a more viable option than traditional media because even with a small budget, businesses can test the effectiveness of their marketing strategy, control costs, and reach out to targeted prospects”- Kstart Report

Startups always face some crucial factors which affect their marketing strategy. Digital Marketing helps each startup to identify the right customer for their products and services. It is affordable and effective. There are different Digital Marketing strategies like SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC, Content Marketing etc. Each startup needs all these marketing strategies which ensure four times higher conversions than the traditional marketing channels. More conversions mean more profit.

Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing

If you work hard this industry commits your success. This industry is booming and remunerations and job security both are here. The average annual salary for an SEO analyst is $79000.

According to a report by Kstart and Your Story, the Digital Marketing industry is growing at 40% year-on-year as compared to 5-6% growth in any other industries.

Digital Marketing is providing a wide range of job prospects. You can choose a job which you like most. It includes SEO, SMO, SMM, Content Writing and much more. Each of the work ensures job security and higher salary. So these data are the live examples that there are opportunities flooding in this industry.

According to Boston Consulting Group study, by 2020, half of India’s internet users will be rural. So, there is still an ample scope for exploring India’s digital market”.

Hence mastering the Digital Marketing skills can get you better career opportunities throughout your life.

Digital Marketing Career beyond the Digital Marketing Jobs

If you want to grab a job you need to be an expert. Digital Marketing also includes some qualities which ensure your success. Choosing a career in Digital Marketing depends on your ability. If you like Digital Marketing and want to do something for your own, Digital Marketing is the ultimate career for you. It helps people to learn each and every online business promotion technique by which you can optimize your clients as well as your own business for achieving the best possible profitability.

Digital Marketing encourages you to do something on your own. It includes SEO freelancing, content writing, content marketing, paid marketing, Google Ads marketing, data analytics and much more. If you are in freelancing this is the ultimate weapon to beat everything. Freelance market is rapidly growing and this industry covers the maximum number of jobs across the world.

Majority of US workforce will freelance by 2027; don't say 'gig': Up work, Freelancers Union study”- Stuffing Industry Analysis

The best feature of Digital Marketing is the character of this work. The word “Digital Marketing” covers numerous job prospects. The best positive point is, this is one of the most developing and progressing sectors and the demand for professional Digital Marketing specialists is huge. With technology developing every day the nature of work is also developing. The job of an Analytics Manager, Email Marketing Manager, Webmaster, SEO specialist and SMO experts are highly demanding in this industry.

According to this research, the digital economy is growing 10 times faster than the traditional economy, and firms that engage in online trading are twice as likely to be creating jobs as firms that aren’t - John Kennedy

All these facts prove that the industry is highly demanding and if you belong from this industry you need not look back further to get a job. The most important part of Digital Marketing is that it completely depends on your skill. Your performance will enhance your career growth. The quality of your marketing optimization skills can bring a lot to your professional life.

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