Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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Four Digital Marketing Trends to Try in Q3

The third quarter is a very peculiar time of the year. Starting with a bright summer and ending in beginnings of autumn, what really defines it is that people are usually on their vacations. While taking some time out of the office most people don’t leave their phones at home. Actually, research shows that people that are enjoying their summer holidays tend to spend more time on their phone than by the pool. But why is this so important?

When they are out of their regular lives, most people tend to relax, be more frivolous and also much more easy-going when it comes to finances. Combine that with the fact that they are glued to their phones and you get a perfect chance to run a highly successful digital marketing campaign.

While you are at it, don’t just launch any campaign. Make sure that your ideas are what the market is looking for, that they are fresh, creative and attention-grabbing. In order to help you with that, we came up with a list of marketing trends you can try in the third quarter. Take a look!

Introduce Chatbots to Ease the Communication


Although they can’t really be called a very recent trend, chatbots are only now getting serious traction. Not only can you see them on websites of big companies, but your local bakery has recently also installed one. And why wouldn’t they? It saves so much time.

When a customer opens up your page, they can immediately get in touch with you through a chatbot service. The automatically generated message will inform them about any inquiries they might have, especially simple ones.  This will save a ton of money for your customer service, not to mention lift their spirits since they won’t have to answer a whole bunch of questions again and again.

Implement Next-Level SEO

If you are serious about digital marketing, you can’t ignore SEO. Although many companies say that they don’t implement its methodology, the truth is that SEO is everywhere, and it is extremely helpful. What people are searching for, when and on what device can have a significant impact on the success of your business. It is not just what you write, it is how you do it, at what time, who your target is and where they are going to see it.

We must admit that SEO can get a bit tricky and complicated. This is why we suggest hiring an expert that can help you sort out through all those unknown terms and principles. If you hire someone experienced who knows your industry and you articulate your needs and business model to them precisely, there is no doubt they will be able to increase your chances of reaching out to your potential customer and keeping their interest.

Improve the Quality of Your Videos, Content and Form Wise

Video quality

Have you heard the latest news? YouTube is only second to Google when it comes to traffic, and by next year, 85% of all consumer internet traffic will be through videos. People are putting their headphones and staring at their screens while commuting, when at home, at work, and at the pool as well. And you would be wise to take advantage of that, or your competitors will.

However, simply creating videos isn’t going to be enough. Other companies see the value in that form of expressing, so you are going to need to find a way to stand out. Your videos need to represent the culture of your company, the main idea of your business, and to be done professionally and thoughtfully. Anything less will be completely shut down by the market.

Don’t think that interesting videos that grab attention cost a lot of money. The biggest value comes from the idea, the rest can be done with a smartphone camera and cheap video editing software.

Don’t be Afraid to  be Honest and Personal

Companies and individuals that rose to fame in the last decade don’t fit the same profile as their predecessors. In the modern day, being personal and even intimateis accepted, encouraged and praised. Celebrities are sharing embarrassing details of their life, reality shows even exploit the intimacy, and companies that want to stay behind closed doors simply aren’t going to cut it anymore.

Building up a wall between you and your customers isn’t going to make you desirable, but unapproachable. Most customers like to know who they are dealing with. The more honest and direct you are, the better. This is true for both small business and international companies. It’s not about mystery anymore, but about creating meaningful connections, turning strangers into loyal customers. Treating them like they matter, and sharing a part of your story with them.

Michael Deane is one of the editors of Qeedle, a small business magazine. When not blogging (or working), he can usually be spotted on the track, doing his laps, or with his nose deep in the latest John Grisham.
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