Digital marketing vs Traditional Marketing


What are digital marketing vs traditional marketing? Well, let us first start with what is traditional marketing? In today's business world there really are only two kinds of marketing, digital and traditional marketing. Both avenues can really benefit a company greatly and give them the exposure that they need to improve their company overall. But how does digital marketing compare to traditional marketing?

Digital marketing vs Traditional Marketing

The main difference is there is no radio, TV, Newspapers ads or billboards to advertise your product or service. This makes the difference for companies between traditional marketing and digital marketing and what it is that they should be using to get the attention of their consumers. Traditional marketing is a method of mass advertising using mediums that are mostly seen and used by the masses. 

Examples of these mediums would be TV, Newspapers, and billboards. Digital marketing on the other hand is basically using the Internet to advertise your products or service.

So, what is the difference between traditional advertising and digital marketing vs traditional advertising? First of all traditional advertising is when you advertise your product or service through TV, Radio or Newspapers, these are all done by a large company or corporation to reach the masses. However when it comes to online marketing, your reach is greatly increased because there are tons of different channels and websites that you can advertise to. These include search engines, video channels, social networking channels, blogs, discussion boards, Quora, podcasting, and so much more.


The first thing that I would like to discuss is what traditional marketing is and then compare digital channels and methods with the old methods. When it comes to advertising your product or service, there are four main ways you can advertise: through Television, Radio, Internet, and Outdoor. 

All the above have their own purposes but each channel has their own advantages as well as disadvantages depending on what you are trying to achieve. With traditional marketing strategy, you generally want to reach as many people as you can, this way you can reach a large number of potential customers for the same price as if you just advertise your business through television, radio or the newspaper.

But what if your target market is smaller, or your product or service doesn't sell well in one of those categories? Well then the traditional marketing method would not work as well because the only channel you have access to would be the Internet. In order to reach that market you need to use digital channels because there are millions of potential customers on the Internet, what is the difference between digital channels and traditional channels? It's just the positioning, or where your advertisement is placed on the Internet.



Closing Notes

What I'm trying to say is that digital marketing strategy is where you take advantage of the power of the Internet and put your advertisements where your potential customers are in order to maximize your reach and hopefully maximize your brand awareness. This type of marketing will allow you to reach thousands, if not millions, of customers at the same time which is something you can't get with traditional advertising. You just have to create a high converting landing page and start promoting.

But of course the cost of reaching this many clients is much higher than when using traditional advertising. So the big question is, are you willing to pay for your brand awareness and the ability to control where your ads are displayed on the Internet? Of course you are, you should be, because when it comes to getting exposure for your business, digital marketing is the way to go.