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Dire Seo Mistakes That One Should Avoid In 2019

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In 2018, there have been many ups and downs in SEO industry. Some ups were momentous that leveraged the industries success cloud and produced a cascade of leads and some put strain on huge business sectors.

But 2019 is not a year of mistakes, it’s the year of fixing the mistakes that are going to be hurdle in technical as well as local seo of many business industries. Whether you are a digital marketing firm or your business has its own seo experts team you should read this to be a perfect fit for 2019 among your adversaries.

Let’s the spot the lapses and correct them to surpass the upcoming challenges in 2019.

Website Loading Speed is Longer Than 3 Seconds

Slow loading speed is always unhealthy and unrewarding user experience that will not just distract the visitor but will put you on a risk of losing potential customers. Even though,you have read this multiple times but still your website speed is very low, then you are missing your audience on a part of the most influential factor of Google ranking.

Nevertheless, if your users love your product then he might stay longer than 5 seconds but that’s a very rare case of 10 in 100s. Therefore,optimize page speed by using the Google Page Speed tools. Create mobile optimized website and keep track of the website performance on both desktop and mobile.

You are Trying To Rank For Non-Converting keywords

Ranking alone does not matter, but the conversion of prospects into clients also matters.This is the second most common mistake ,if not corrected will leave you behind your competitors. Keyword is a time consuming procedure and if you select some of the common keywords,rank them on top but it’s not giving you leads, then what’s the benefit of finding out such keywords.

So convert your commercial intent keywords into the common relevant phrases that people usually prefer to type on search engine. Start improvising the exact matching keywords with the help of keyword research tools. Hence, you will discover right set of keywords for your business niche.

Your Are Writing For Google Not For The Readers

In this year, content length was the main focus of every seo expert, but in 2019 content length would not be the only ranking factor. If content is king then, seo is a queen. Both of these ruling empires will somehow shatter down your business if you write content for Google not for the readers.

High quality content writing will be more important than quantity of length. If you will follow this,Google will not only rank you on top of SERPs but internet users will also love to read your information.There are different ways of sharing the content. It is expected that blog posts, GIFs, ebooks, guides, video tutorials will be in command this year.

Your are Missing the CTA on Landing Pages

Onsite seo optimization with the help of CTAs is very important.Irrespective of how beneficial your product or service is, if you don’t direct your customers to purchase at right time then you are making a big mistake. Missing call to actions will let the visitor go anywhere else after reading your quality content.

Targeted and smart call to actions convert 45% more visitors into leads than untargeted basic CTAs. Therefore, we recommend you to redirect the customer and shift him/her from visiting phase to purchase phase with the smart CTAs. It will let the customer stay for a longer duration and also let him decide very early before he tries to look for any other similar products. Some of the best CTAs examples  you can use in 2019 include

  • Get it now
  • Buy now
  • Save 15%
  • Limited Time Offer
  • Give us a call
  • Get quote
  • Get free estimate
  • Learn more
  • Read more
  • Try for free
  • Download free version
  • 14 days free trial
  • 10 days money back guarantee
  • Hurry Up
  • Sign Up
  • Order your pack now
  • Offer ends on (date)
  • Limited seats available  and many more like this.

You Are Not Paying Attention To Voice Search SEO

If you are doing this mistake, then let me tell you that voice search is the latest trend that is followed by 25% of the searchers and it will continue to grow by 20% in 2019. Large organizations are making more investments in this new seo techniques of 2019 to get attention of customers. So why you lag behind?? People have found that voice searches are more conversational than simple type text searches.It will totally change the game of way the seo works as more efforts are being put in using the phrases then common keywords.

You Are Excluding The Technical SEO Audit Essentials

Despite of creating the best website of the world, there are some flaws and errors that always need quick consideration. After the website designing and development, instead of making the website live, do technical seo audit first. Otherwise, all seo efforts would become useless if you don’t inspect the final website.Robust technical foundation requires avoidance of these mistakes

  • Check if there is duplicate content
  • Fix the title tag issues
  • Optimize the non-optimized meta descriptions
  • Redirect all the external and internal broken links
  • Check all 404 errors
  • Look for outmoded sitemaps
  • Fix the Rel=canonical issue

If you are not that much capable of fixing all these or other technical issues, and still lack in major seo expertise, then there is nothing wrong in banking on Marketalist, a Boston SEO services provider to fix all these technical errors of your website.You should opt the firms that can offer you professional seo services in very reasonable budget. You’ll see a big difference in leads and sales before and after hiring the best seo agencies.

Hopefully, this list of common seo mistakes will be rectified and won’t be a hurdle in your success. If you’ve found other seo mistakes that need immediate solution,learn more from us.


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