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Dirt Bike Mechanics – Best Salary, Top Education & Requirements Review

Being a mechanic is not as simple as you may think it is in real life. It requires loads of experience working on the inner parts of a bike and a clear conscience with regards to different mechanical problems with dirt bikes. There are many people out there who have proper knowledge about the inner parts of dirt bikes. If you also fall under the same category, you can easily turn the knowledge into a career option that can prove to be rather rewarding in the long run. In general, motorcycle and dirt bike mechanics can easily make around $24000 to $36000 annually according to this source. This obviously depends upon your availability, skills, and rates that you will charge.

Know More about the Career

It is needless to say that being a dirt bike mechanic is not a career that you would opt for unless you find it rather rewarding when you have to work with your own hands-on such bikes. As far as pursuing such a career is concerned, you basically have 2 options. First of all, you may start being entrepreneurial with the liberty of working for as long as you want and from a location of your own choice. Secondly, you may opt for working under some other person is not so friendly working conditions and with a pretty low salary. The working hours will also be longer and you may also not get the hours that you need.


As discussed above, the salary for a dirt bike mechanic ranges from $24000 to $36000 annually. However, this number is dependent upon a number of factors. It depends upon the number of hours you work, your personal charge for your services, the cost of the parts you use while repairing, the state you work in, and the type of industry you are employed in.

Some of the Best States to Work

It is needless to say that different states in the US have their own set of rules. One of the best states to work in as a dirt bike mechanic is California. If you work in this state, you can easily make around $41500 annually. On the other hand, if you work in the wholesale trade industry in California, it will be possible for you to make roughly $46600 annually.

It will be a good idea to consider the high cost of living in California. It also happens to be the state with the highest average pay for a motorcycle or a dirt bike mechanic. The second in this list will be Maryland with the average salary for any dirt bike mechanic of around $39940 annually. It is true that there is a sharp fall in the annual paycheck between California and Maryland. Nonetheless, the cost of living in Maryland is much lower when compared to California.

If you wish to go by the industry, manufacturing will be the best in terms of the highest average annual salary for dirt bike mechanics. This will be followed by wholesale trade. The lowest paying industries are the “Other Services” along with Retail Trade. These two industries will help you earn around $31000 and $34000 annually respectively.

Some of the Worst States to Work

Just like there are some great states to work in for a dirt bike mechanic, there are also some of the worst states to work in for such professionals in terms of annual pay. Out of all the 50 states in the US, West Virginia has the lowest annual salary for motorcycle or dirt bike mechanics. It has an average annual salary of $22550 for such mechanics. If you wish to make big bucks or if you wish to get proper support, this is certainly not the state you would like to live. However, if you have a second job and if you already have someone who helps with the monthly bills, then it a complete different scenario.

The second worst state for any dirt bike mechanic is South Carolina. It records an annual salary for such mechanics at around $27250. The third worst state on the list is Idaho with an annual average pay for mechanics at around $27500. However, the cost of living in Idaho is right in the middle of West Virginia and South Carolina.

Education Requirements

Just like any other profession, it is also important for dirt bike mechanics to have proper educational certificates. If nothing else, even an education in the profession you pursue will help you in the long run. It will give you an edge over others who also wish to be a motorcycle mechanic but lack proper education in the field. Most of the time, you will be asked for some sort of automotive-related certificate that can actually prove your worth in the job you are doing. You will find a number of places which provide schooling and training in the world of mechanics.

You will come across a number of colleges that provide dirt bike mechanic specific degrees such as “Associate Degree in Motorcycle Repair” and “Associate Degree in Motorcycle Technology.” These sort of degrees are highly valued by different employers. However, it is important for you to know that although these degrees are quite useful, these are not necessary. There are several automotive shops that simply accept any automotive certificate. If you have one, it will give you an edge over other job applicants.


Nothing or nobody can teach you the way personal experiences do in real life. They happen to be the best teachers for a person. When it comes to mechanical knowledge, personal experience is normally driven by passion, which is something that is quite important in any person’s life. This will also make a big difference to you in your work environments and also schooling.

Whether you love your job or simply hate it, the situation gets quite clear to customers. If they ever come to understand that you are not happy with your job, they will never come back to you again. Thus, it is important to have a positive passion for your job in order to succeed as a dirt bike mechanic.

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