Friday, September 29, 2023
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Discount coupons: Offer by ecommerce

You can use coupons and discounts to boost your social media presence. Having a strong social media presence helps build brand awareness for less. Promosearcher offers 5% discount to its visitors if they agree to follow the brand on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Possible variant: offer a promo code in exchange for sharing on social networks.

Sponsorship offers

On the internet, recommendations play an essential role. A person will be much more encouraged to buy from you if your products and services have been recommended to him by a member of his entourage (friend, family, colleague, etc.). Hence the interest in developing sponsorship offers. You have the choice of offering the coupon only to the person who recommends your store, only to the person who is recommended, or both.

First, buy offers

How many visitors to your eCommerce site convert and turn into customers? 1%? 3%? To improve your conversion rate on your online store, why not offer a special first-purchase offer? Clearly Contact tredz discount code all of its new visitors after signup at 5$ discount and free shipping,50$ gifts using the pop-up format.

Offers based on cart size

Offers based on cart size encourage customers to spend more. The latter are encouraged to add products to their basket to benefit from the offer. It is a very effective technique to increase the value of the average basket (a very important KPI in ecommerce). Example: "10% discount code from 120 euros of purchase". Tip: analyze the average basket on your site over the last few months, and offer an offer for all orders 15% -20% higher than your average basket.

Exclusive offers on social networks

As we have seen, the offers can be offered directly on the site (in the form of a pop-up in particular) or by email. But it can also be interesting to create exclusive offers on social networks. The goal in doing this is to strengthen the relationship you have with the people who follow you on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and encourage others to follow you. The famous Sephora brand regularly posts exclusive offers on its Facebook account. In this example, the brand is giving Facebook followers a freebie for any purchase over $ 25.

Customer loyalty offers

While special offers are great for acquiring new customers, they can also be used to build customer loyalty. The idea is to reward loyal customers (or in any case customers who have already bought once) by offering them exclusive offers. This helps strengthen the relationship between your brand and your customers.

Offers at the exit point

A visitor arrives on your site. He browses your catalog, consults several product pages but finally decides to leave the page. Just when he is about to click on the cross to close the browser window, a pop-up appears in which the brand offers a special offer. These pop-ups that open when the visitor is about to leave the site are called “exit intent pop-ups”. These pop-ups are ideal for providing special offers. A last-second offer is often enough to convince the visitor to buy.

Retargeting offers

Retargeting offers are offers offered only to people who have already visited your eCommerce site. They are aimed at people who already know you. It is about offering offers on the products viewed by your visitors during their previous visits to encourage them to convert. In the example below, Dodocase targets site visitors with Facebook. Retargeting ads offer 20% to old visitors.

Offers for influencers


Influencer marketing is increasingly used by brands. It consists of forming partnerships with influential personalities (bloggers, youtubers, celebrities, etc.) in order to benefit from their power of prescription and their audience. As part of your influencer marketing strategy, you can offer exclusive offers only for people who follow the influencers you work with. This technique makes it easier to convert the audience of your influencers.

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