Displaying Sushi: The Art to Display Sushi in Sushi Refrigerator


One of the tastiest meals in Japanese culture is Sushi. It is a wonderful art form where this food item is displayed in a platter before the customers. But it is necessary to preserve it in proper sushi refrigerator to keep intact its taste and flavour.

Invented years ago, sushi was used to refrigerate raw fish wrapped in salt and rice until the food got fermented. Later people got more interested in fresh fish and thus fresh sushi was served. Most of the restaurants in the world serve edo sushi. There is Kansai sushi available too which is not so much popular. Whatever is the scenario, preserving this food in refrigerators is very much necessary. For this, chefs are given training so that they can serve in best ways to customers.

Training of chefs

Sushi chefs train for years to become pro at serving the dish. These chefs are taught to handle fish and how certain ingredients are required to prepare that particular fish. They need to have knife skills to know how sushi should be cut properly. Sushi display is hard since it requires certain preserving in temperatures and then only can it be served fresh. Chefs know at what exact temperatures and at which refrigeration point sushi is preserved well. Whether it is forced air cooling or gravity coil, chefs need to display them properly for the sushi to be sold to customers.

Forced air cooling is a system where cool air is forced inside sushi refrigerator so that the food remains fresh and flavoured. Though this system keeps the food cold for long hours, it generally dries down the edible making it not so worthy eating. Places where there is a huge footfall of people and there are good sales, this system can be used in those restaurants.


Gravity coil system has a technology embedded inside it where the food needs to be dropped down for the system to cool it instantly. This system is much cheaper to handle. Also, gravity coil system used inside sushi refrigerator never dries down the food.

Thus, it is necessary to first acknowledge that where will the sushi be kept and at what size. Over cluttering can cause no sales at all!

Displaying Sushi

The ratio of ingredients used in sushi preparation is vital for displaying as well as keeping the flavour intact. Chefs should know the right amount of flavour to be used for the preparation. Apart from this, displaying sushi in right counters and shelves will assist in attracting a greater number of customers.

There are sushi cases which are of 50” to 85” in length and has regular sliding doors of glass.

Sushi refrigerator that has a glass case helps in proper viewing of the food item. Customers can see the ingredients used. Rather than using straight shelves, curved shelves used to display sushi will add extra drama to the preparation. Also, proper lighting is required so that people can get attracted to food automatically. Most of the restaurants use fluorescent lightings that are focused just over the food item to give it a delicious outlook!