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Disrupting the future of Commercial and Industrial kitchen in India

Disrupting the future of Commercial and Industrial kitchen in India

Evolution of Commercial and Industrial kitchens:

Commercial and Industrial kitchens have come a long way since the industrial revolution. The rise of information technology and related technologies has disrupted the modern kitchen space, aka automation, and is changing the way commercial cooking or large batch cooking is performed.

Preparing, despatching or serving food has become more systematic, faster, easier and economical. Automation of commercial and industrial kitchen proved to be a game changer in the start of the 21st century. No longer do restaurant and hotel owners have to wait to get things done, as time is of precious commodity for any hotel or restaurant venture, be it an established set-up or a startup.

Establishing a commercial and industrial kitchen though involves a lot of investment, planning and investment. You need to answer the ‘whys’ more often than the ‘hows’. All said and done, it isn’t simply about buying into technology and investing in commercial kitchen appliances. It covers a lot of other points too: hiring the right chef, knowing the Menu, taking in what’s needed and weeding out what isn’t required, understand local health regulatory codes, simplicity and lean design, food safety and sanitation, training and supervision, power conservation, energy saving methods, maintenance, air ventilation, space efficiency and flexibility and adoption of automation.  

The best way to start a commercial or industrial kitchen in a hotel or restaurant is to start investing in the right kitchen appliance including catering companies, industrial canteens, hospital kitchens, institutions, juice shops, snack centres, RTEs and RTCs as most commercial kitchen machines are multi-functional in nature by design and build catering to the various needs of the consumer in mind. And there is nothing that these highly specialized machines can’t do when it comes to large batch or bulk cooking.

Different processes of commercial kitchen:

Though the article will cover a few specialised commercial kitchen appliances and their applications, we need to understand that it is how the various processes of commercial kitchen operation are defined that determines the success rate. Typical processes include meat-preparation, pre-preparation, food processing, cooking, quick service, baking and dish and ware washing.  These processes (and some more in specific cases) define day-to-day functions of a restaurant kitchen. It is also important to understand that every process is no less significant than the other and every single process counts in the overall success of the commercial kitchen driving its operational efficiency and flexibility. In other words, the commercial kitchen should run like well-oiled machinery end to end.      Let’s discuss the various commercial kitchen processes and their respective equipment under each category.

Pre-preparation equipment:

Meat Preparation Equipment:

That non-veg Briyani is the mostly ordered food item on Swiggy, Zomatto and other Pre-preparation is essentially the primary process and related pre-preparation equipment should ensure food ingredients are mixed or chopped to the last slice or whip. The growing needs of a commercial kitchen should accommodate a number of pre-preparation equipment including potato peelers, multi-utility grinders, dough kneaders, dough dividers, conveyor chappati machine, chappati semi-cooking machine, universal peelers, meat slicers, rice washer, coconut scrappers, vegetable cutters, tilting wet masala grinders, pulveriser, instant masala grinder, turbo dicer, veg wash, instant multi-purpose grinders and instant rice grinder pulverisers. Whether the menu calls for slicing cheese, mixing dough or mashing potatoes, the pre-preparation line of equipment offers consistent performance in commercial kitchens. hyperlocal food delivery services is no secret. Investing in commercial kitchen requires multi-purpose meat preparation appliance so that meat can be easily made into thick filet, ground burgers or succulent tenderloins. If you’re looking for meat preparation equipment for commercial kitchen in the marketplace, then bone saw and meat mincers are a must-have.

Food Processing Machines:

This range of equipment is useful for making candid fruit, jams, sauces, Indian base masalas, condensed milk, Indian sweets and many more.  They are highly sophisticated machines applicable for small, medium and mid-size food processing companies. The highlight of these food processing machines is that they help maintain the flavour, taste, colour, and aroma of the food consistently for a specific time period.

Cooking equipment:

The basic concept of investing in commercial kitchen equipment is to prepare food in bulk quantities or large batch for a large number of consumers instantly. The requisites for buying the right commercial equipment include durability, robustness, eco-friendliness, user-friendliness and convenience. The equipment should be built to enhance food production and quality and energy-saving.

Typical range of cooking equipment usually comprises cooking kettle, boiling pan, combi oven, griddle, cooking mixer and pressure batt pan that are electronically operated. It can carry out a plethora of functions ranging from the most elementary to advanced cooking tasks.

Commercial Bakery Equipment:

Looking to start a new bakery or improve the operational efficiency of your bakery? You need to go for bakery equipment that can just do the thing for you including proofer, spiral mixer and multi-function oven. They help maintain consistency in production and improve throughput in making bakery items including pizza, bun, pie, cakes, etc.

And as the name indicates, they are extremely useful for bakeries with high-volume business. Finding the best combination of commercial machines for kitchen is the basic step towards setting-up a successful bakery venture.

Quick Service Equipment:

There is a range of quick service equipment in the market place including pizza dough, salamander, pressure fryers, conveyor pizza, plantery mixer, free standing fryer, ovens, juice dispensers, citrus juicers, centrifugal juicers, turbo grill rotisseries, blenders, conveyor toaster, display warmer, marinator, contact toasters, breading table, etc. They are extremely useful in cooking, holding and as cooling or warming equipment, in addition to safely storing food products at a suitable temperature for longer to get away with waste and serve food in good time.

Dish & Warewashing:

Pristine cleanliness is imperative in the food and hospitality industry. Remember that only the right selection of the dish and warewashing equipment such as glass washer, dishwashers, pot and pan washing equipment, etc can ensure sublime cleaning and hygiene.

The article may sound basic, but don’t you think having the right combination of machines for your commercial kitchen can turn the tables on or give you a headstart if you’re just venturing out? It does, especially when you have the right reasons to believe so.

Author Bio:

Shameer is a script writer and blogger who loves to muse on Entrepreneurship and Startups. He occasionally writes PR and blogs for EssEmm, a leading commercial kitchen equipment manufacturer in Coimbatore, India, based out of Coimbatore, in the area of kitchen technology and smart automation.

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