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Distributed development team: pros and cons

High concentration on tasks

The specifics of the work allows developers to work normally at a remote location. When a programmer takes on a task, he plunges deeply into it and does not really like it when someone distracts him. After all, to return to work, the programmer needs to re-tune and concentrate, and this takes time. So the remote location is more convenient for employees.

Clearer goal setting

Setting tasks is very important for the normal operation of a remote team. All tasks and communications for us are conducted in the tracker. When there is no opportunity to communicate in person and tell everything about the task, it takes more time to describe it: you need to attach screenshots, documents, links, guides, and so on.

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But this teaches you to more accurately formulate your thoughts and express them so that the performer does not have any questions. After all, any additional questions - this is additional time wasted, and this makes the process less effective.

We began to devote a lot of time to setting goals. For example, tasks arrive to developers and testers fully described, with detailed comments. Such tasks are easy to check, which means it is more convenient to fix bugs and show customers an excellent result.

Emphasis on self-education

In addition to the obvious advantages, the transition to remote control also brought difficulties. The main one is the habit of working in the same room. People are used to getting together, discussing projects and current tasks, and finding the best ways to solve them. Psychologically, it is more convenient to do all this while sitting next to each other. Plus, live communication helps you learn something new from colleagues faster.

It took time for the new principles to take hold. At first it was difficult, then it became easier, and we were fully convinced that remote work is much more effective than the usual work in the office.

Juniors in the office, seniors at a remote location

Since developers are not sitting around, sharing knowledge and experience is not as quick as it used to be. The corporate culture is spreading more slowly. Therefore, we found a compromise: we hire seniors for remote work, that is, specialists with extensive experience who thoroughly know their job. And we put juniors in the office - those who are just starting to develop. Under the supervision of team leaders, they learn faster.

It is better to put Juns in the office, because in an atmosphere of teamwork and under the supervision of experienced colleagues, they learn faster and adopt the corporate culture. In order for a good specialist to grow from a junior, a young developer needs to pay a lot of attention.

Executives and communications are still in the office

The CTO and some department heads work in the office, which makes it easier to control the work of the team. Also, some salespeople, marketers, project managers - those who actively communicate with customers - remained in the office. Many customers are based in Moscow and often come to us to discuss important business issues. All this is more convenient to do in person, when you can shake hands and look into the eyes of your interlocutor.

The rest of the management and marketing employees work remotely, like most of the team. We go for it if the remote format does not prevent the employee from performing tasks with high quality.

Customers are used to remote control

If before the pandemic and quarantine some customers were distrustful of the studio with a distributed team, now everything has changed. Customers were convinced from personal experience that it is convenient to work remotely - this does not interfere with performing current tasks, holding meetings.

It has become much easier to explain to customers that we work remotely. There is nothing incomprehensible and frightening in this anymore - because of the coronavirus, everyone who could do it went to remote control.

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