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DIYs to Repair Sagging Headliners

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A sagging headliner can be a nightmare, and replacing it can be costly. We’ve put together the top DIYs that can help you to easily and cheaply repair your sagging headliner. 

The headliner is the part of the fabric added to your car’s roof. It provides a good finish to the roof; dampens noise and keeps out the cold. With the help of strong glue, the headliner is fixed to the roof. The greatest downside of glue is that it loses its strength when it comes into contact with heat. Cars that are subjected to extreme heat will sooner than others get a sagging headliner. The fabric can get separated from the supporting board and ruin the interior of your overall car.


DIYs for Sagging Headliner Repair


We will always recommend that your headlining should be professionally sorted in order to not affect your car in any way, but sometimes you might just want to sort your sagging headliner quickly and cheaply. So here are a few DIYs that you can try to prevent your roof lining from sagging:


1. Make use of double-sided tape


The tape is a rare invention that can assist you with almost everything. You can use it almost anywhere in your house or in your car for a fast repair. Using tape, a sagging headliner may also be replaced. Buying double-sided tape is something you have to do. The double-sided tape will adhere to the frame of the roof and the cloth, allowing it to hold back tightly. If you have significant damage to the edges, this technique is beneficial.


2. Thumb pins


This method of re-securing a sagging headliner is certainly the most unattractive procedure, but it is also the easiest and cheapest method on the list if you’re only trying to get your headliner back in place in a hurry.


Behind this particular path, there’s no special method or science. Simply stock up on some thumb pins and start back in position to fasten your headliner. Also, you should have a middle layer of cardboard or some other material in the design of your headliner, and you will be pinning your outer fabric to this middle layer.


Build a pattern from your tacks, if you want to add a bit of flair to your repair. Other than that though, this one is a fairly straightforward patch.


3. Twisting Pins


A special type of pins that can be considered the true remedy for your sagging headliners are the twisting pins. There is a pointed end to these pins which twists into the head. You need to rotate it as you drive it against the backboard, and the headliner will hold in place. This is the most cost-effective way for sagging headliner repair. To make a unique pattern on your roof, you can also use a clear-headed twisting pin.


The positive thing about clear-headed twisting pins is that they do not harm the backboard like other pins do. They’re also not going to make any holes in the board that could cause it to disintegrate further. This is why they are a better choice than thumb pins.

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