Home Health & Fitness Do Glucosamine supplements work for arthritis?

Do Glucosamine supplements work for arthritis?

Do Glucosamine supplements work for arthritis?

Do Glucosamine tablets actually work to combat arthritis? There have been several debates regarding the efficacy of Glucosamine which is one of the most popularly used dietary supplements. It is also used for osteoarthritis treatments. As you may know, osteoarthritis is an ailment caused due to insufficient cartilage regeneration in the joints and this occurs mostly in the hips and knees. This ailment may worsen with the passage of time, leading to sustained pain in the joints and issues related to disability and walking.

Learning more about Glucosamine

Before taking Glucosamine supplements, you should ideally discover more about the actual element itself. It is an amino sugar produced naturally in the body and is also used for various dietary supplements. Glucosamine is found naturally in cartilage and joints where it makes up the glycosaminoglycans from a structural perspective. These are compounds regarded as highly essential for good health of the joints. Supplements are usually available in several types including capsules, tablets, beverage mixes or even gels.

They are mostly processed through bacterial grain fermentation or shells of crustaceans. Glucosamine sulfate, Glucosamine Chondroitin tablets and even Glucosamine hydrochloride are available widely for consumers. Multiple studies have indicated how these supplements may lower chances of breakdown of collagen while natural occurrence of glucosamine in the cartilage is good for protection. Supplements may also go a long way towards lowering overall inflammation which is one of the biggest reasons for breakdown of joint cartilage in those affected by osteoarthritis.

Will Glucosamine supplements help in relieving arthritis?

Glucosamine has mostly been in the spotlight worldwide as scientists and doctors debate over its properties and attributes. It is also one of the most popularly used supplements across the globe. Here are some key aspects to note in terms of the impact of these supplements on treatment of arthritis.

      Glucosamine tablets may relieve joint pain and other symptoms over a prolonged time period.

      Glucosamine sulfate based salts and supplements may be hugely effective in this regard and has been patented as the Rotto formula. Studies have revealed that out of 318 people affected by osteoarthritis, consumption of 1,500 mg of this formula daily for 6 months, an overwhelming majority reported lower pain levels and better mobility.

      Benefits have been reported as the same as consuming acetaminophen (a commonly deployed pain relief solution) to the tune of 3 grams each day.

      Several other studies have shown how consumption of Glucosamine sulfate on a daily basis for approximately 2-3 years have led to an improvement in overall osteoarthritis symptoms such as functioning issues, stiffness and pain.

      Other analysis has also thrown up results where it has been seen that Glucosamine may help in osteoarthritis by relieving pain more than any placebo.

Does it help with combating rheumatoid arthritis?

Osteoarthritis aside, Glucosamine may help with tackling rheumatoid arthritis, a less common form of the ailment. It is basically an autoimmune disease where the joints are attacked by the immune system and is not caused by any regular wear and tear. Several studies have found that consumption of 1,500 mg of Glucosamine hydrochloride on a daily basis for a few months led to better functioning and mobility for patients.

Evidence is still limited on the impact of Glucosamine as an element on rheumatoid arthritis. However, experts still suggest that it may have considerable impact in combating the same.

Handy tips for you

Glucosamine supplements are readily available for consumers and can be found easily. A large section of medical experts have opined that Glucosamine sulfate may have higher effectiveness in comparison to Glucosamine hydrochloride. You should always be mindful of the quality of the supplement/product that you are purchasing. The Glucosamine content should be at optimal levels and always consult your medical practitioner before buying.

In European nations, the quality of Glucosamine is closely tracked since it has already been classified as a pharmaceutical product. It is also known as a nutraceutical in the North American region. Go for products with suitable third-party accreditation or certification. Glucosamine is sometimes sold in conjunction with Chondroitin sulfate which is another supplement used for lowering osteoarthritis symptoms and resultant pain.

Here are some other aspects that you should keep in mind:

      Glucosamine should usually be consumed with your meals, around 3 times each day.

      Dosage may vary between 300 to 500 mg with each meal and this may add up to 900-1,500 mg on a cumulative basis. Most reports have recommended 1,500 mg each day in consumption for relieving osteoarthritis pain.

      Salts of Glucosamine sulfate should be consumed just once every day. You should always follow the specific instructions outlined on the packaging for the products.

      Know that these supplements are widely regarded as secure and there are no major side effects that have been observed for the same. Flatulence, however, is the commonest side effect that has been reported in some rare cases.

      Supplements may not also impact overall sensitivity to insulin in the manner of direct injections. Always consult your doctor extensively before taking any final decision.

Keep an eye on the supplement labels just as you do when choosing the best calcium tablet in India or other types of supplements that you consume regularly.

The core take-away

The key factor to remember here is that Glucosamine is widely considered a safe supplement/tablet that you can consume. 1,500 mg as mentioned, is the standard dose that people usually consume every day. There are several studies and reports which have highlighted how Glucosamine can actually play a leading role when it comes to pain relief and overall relief from osteoarthritis of rheumatoid arthritis alike.

The consumption of this element in sulfate form, as per several other studies, may actually contribute towards lowering osteoarthritis generated symptoms while slowing down or delaying overall development of the condition. There will always be debates regarding the overall effectiveness of Glucosamine relating to arthritis relief. However, you should remember that sometimes it is better to take safe supplements with medical guidance instead of not treating minor symptoms at all. This is a vital thing that you should always keep in mind above all else.