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Do Grandparents Have Legal Rights To Visit Their Grandchildren: What You Should Know

If you have grandchildren, there are some things which are more pleasing that just simply visiting them. Sadly, not every grandparent can visit their grandchildren, and the reasons behind the same are numerous. Nevertheless, there are some cases where grandparents have access to their legal rights allowing them to visit their grandchildren. You can get in touch with a financial advisor in Norwich and gather all the information about grandparent rights. The experts will make it easy for you to understand the rights because these laws are difficult.

Continue reading to know more about grandparent rights. This piece of information has explained everything about the rights. So without any further delay, let us get started.

Why do grandparents seek rights?

Grandparents most of the time seek visitation rights since they are in the middle of a controversy with the parents of their grandchildren. Regardless of the reason behind the decision of the parents, grandparents most likely seek their rights so that they get to spend some time with their grandchildren. In some of the cases, either the mother or father of the grandchildren has expired or any one of them is in a prison. In any of these cases, grandparents can seek their rights to make sure that their grandchildren do not change their relationship with them.

Who has access to grandparent rights?

In order to have access to grandparent rights, it is mandatory to have a strong relationship with grandchildrens. In addition to this, your chance to make a request visitation rights normally come up with some sort of legal action only. Such instances include divorces, adoption, and separation. As a grandparent you can opt for your rights if none of the parents is granted custody after filing a divorce.

Grandparent rights can also be opted if the biological parents of the grandchildrens never got married but established paternity in front of the judge.

When can the court deny grandparent visitation to grandchildren? 

In case the biological parents of the grandchildren are alive or married at present, grandparent rights are not granted whatsoever. Basically, no court would want to interfere between the decisions taken by the parents. This is because it comes like the parents want to protect their children in the best way possible.

Grandparents are also not allowed to visit their grandchildren if both the parents are granted custody after they get divorced.

Last but not the least, keep in mind that grandparent visitation decisions can be reversed. If the judge decides that you are trying to brainwash the grandchildren against their parents, then there are absolutely no chances to have legal rights.
Now that you know what are grandparents rights are, you are all set to go. But remember to get in touch with a financial advisor so that the case is in your favor. At times grandparents are not allowed to have access to their rights even if they should have. This is when the financial advisor will work wonders for you.

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