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Do I Need A Squat Rack?

Some people say that you really only need four different exercises to workout your entire body. Every trainer will include various exercises as the basic four, but squats and push ups are always mentioned. Squats have been gaining popularity among all different fitness levels, for both men and women. Here is everything you need to know about squats. 


Weighted Squats Vs. Body Weight Squats

It’s advisable to start learning how to do squats properly, which involves your body weight and no added weight. You can gradually intensify your workout by adding weights, first in the form of dumbbells or kettlebells. After that, you can move on to heavier weights - but you’ll need to learn how to use a squat rack. Yes, once you advance to heavier weights then a squat rack is necessary.

What Is The Point Of A Squat Rack?

Once you start increasing the weight you carry, you will be pushing your body to its limits. It’s very easy to feel that the weight is too much and you’ll need to set down the barbell safely. In a gym, you might have someone as a spotter to help you if you feel the need, and they can help you push yourself for that one last rep of your workout before you give up. A square rack allows you (or the spotter) to let go of the barbell without the risk of injury. 


Different Types Of Squats

There are varying opinions over which is the best type of squat exercise. There are over 40 commonly known variations, and each type stresses a different portion of your lower body more than others. For example, some squat variations are easier on the knees, and some (such as plie squats) are extremely difficult to do. Nonetheless, all squat variations are an excellent exercise to add to your regular workout routine.

Benefits Of Squats

Whether you’re doing simple body weight squats, or adding weights to the mix - there are a lot of benefits that you will gain from this exercise. Here are a few:

  • Improves balance: if you’ve never done a squat in your life, it may feel like you’re going to fall over any second. As you continue performing this exercise, your balance and flexibility will improve, which will protect you from other injuries in the long run.  

  • Core strength: despite it being mainly a lower body workout, a squat (when performed correctly) requires you to work out your core. Over time, it will improve your core strength.

  • Calorie burn: because squats work out a few major muscle groups at once, they are an excellent tool for weight loss. Especially when adding weights, this exercise can cause major calorie burn even hours after you’ve completed your routine.


In short, squats are probably the best type of exercise to include in your regular workout routine. They provide a variety of benefits and you can perform this exercise at a level that suits you best. Use a squat rack if you intend to add heavy weights to your squats, or keep it light and focus on bodyweight squats.

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Daniel Zayas
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