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Do our Printing and Coating Make any Effect on the Sustainability of Eco-friendly Boxes?

The use of eco-friendly boxes is not the want but the need of today’s world. Their use promises a safer environment and a secure future for the coming generations. Their sustainability has a key role in the betterment of the environment, and all of their specific properties must be considered at all levels. During their manufacturing, it is ensured that their eco-friendliness is not compromised. The boxes are making a difference in terms of safety and sturdiness. Their exceptional strength makes sure that inside products are safe from any damage. Their beauty is enhanced via quality printing and coating options.

Sustainable materials

When a company approaches to make sustainable packaging, its first preference is to search for a material that is not only environmentally-friendly but also has exceptional decomposition properties. Any material that doesn’t decompose in a short time doesn’t add to environmental sustainability. Hence it is extremely necessary to look for a material that has multiple properties to offer. Usually, kraft is used as an eco-friendly material, but there are other options available as well, such as Bux Board, e-flute corrugated paper, or cardstock. They are easy to use, don’t have any effect on the environment, and are loaded with strength, thus promoting the product’s specialties. Many people are now considerate about the choice of material they are using and the effects it has on the environment. Choosing the right material for eco-friendly boxes is important as it determines its ability to bear certain weight and processing methods.


Manufacturers select the material on multiple bases. They look for the cost, its ability to retain its sustainability, the processing procedures, and many other things. The processing of sustainable material is a little bit different from the rest. There is two way through which one can have such material. First, the raw material that has just been extracted, and the other way is by molding an already used material. In both cases, the processing is the same and requires almost the same procedures. The boxes made of these materials have higher usability and can be reused for multiple reasons. Pulping is the process through which all of these materials go through. It ensures that all of the impurities are removed and there are no micro-organisms adhered to the box. Under certain situations, the boxes are given multiple layers so that it can accommodate the products in them.

Printing process 

Eco-friendly materials are well known because of their printing abilities. There are multiple ways in which these boxes are manufactured. The customization of these boxes is an easy process and is done according to the customer’s requirements. Offset, digital, and screen printing techniques ensure that the boxes get the best look. Often, people think that such printing options will affect products’ properties and will make boxes not sturdy enough. But, the minimal designs and a constant balance between the design and eco-friendliness of the boxes conserve nature and present the products stylishly. Their shapes are further modified into different designs that increase their availability for multiple other products as well. Many companies are turning their focus to reduce the harmful effects of the materials, and strengthening their eco-friendly approach, they have found some more efficient and sustainable printing processes such as flexographic printing.

Quality inks 

What kind of inks that should be used in the printing process is the major concern of manufactures. They do not want to reduce the eco-friendly properties of the packages. The use of soy-based inks for the printing process has tremendously increased over the past years. It comes from a natural source that doesn’t have any effect on the environment. The ink control automation ensures that a balance is achieved by reducing the waste, getting the perfect design, and lowering the cost, and above all, enhancing the environmental sustainability to the maximum. Maintaining the pH, temperature conditions, and consistency will achieve the best and constant supply of high-grade quality boxes. Cello green is another option for the printing process, which imparts magnificent properties in terms of eco-friendliness. It is biodegradable and can be recycled.

Coating options 

The bio-based films that have an origin from natural and organic sources such as cornstarch or sugar cane are the first options for the laminating and coating process. All of these are renewable and don’t pose any environmental threat. Oxo-biodegradable lamination films offer multiple benefits. They are safe, don’t have any harm, have increased usability, securely adheres to the material, and decomposes readily after being discarded. UV varnishes don’t contain any hazardous compounds and are safe. They are easily recycled and are biodegradable. The water-based coatings contain no volatile compounds and thus play an influential role in reducing the environmental pollution. The lamination and coating options enhance the Visuality of the boxes and make them beautiful. They also provide a smooth surface. Often, the purpose of the coating is to protect the box from environmental stressors such as air, sunlight, moisture, which otherwise may reduce the functionality of the boxes and damage the product.


Any company that is making an effort to enhance the betterment of the environment must be subjected to receive an SFI certificate. Its mission statement is that anyone can play a part in making the place better, and the environment can be treated in a better way, and people can still earn profits. It applies to all vendors, printers, and manufacturers who have a role in the manufacturing of the boxes from the production phase till the final stage. It ensures that only sustainable and eco-friendly materials are used in the process. Close monitoring is done to avoid any harmful consequences. Being the certified user will provide more information and data about the processes and materials that will be safer for nature. The sustainable green printing partnership (SGP) also covers the cost and the effects of inks and printing on the environment. It makes sure that only quality materials are used for the process.

Printing and lamination on the eco-friendly boxes doesn’t compromise their functionality and bio-degradability. Manufacturers’ sole concern is not only the choice of material. They pay attention to all the details and processes so that they can get maximum benefits from a box. The printing process is done via some environmental-friendly approaches. Eco-friendliness is all about using sustainable material at all places and eradicating the use of non-synthetic materials or processes.

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