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Do You Know Stress Can Trigger Smoking Sensation? Take a Look!

If we were to introspect on the reasons why most people smoke, the most common answer would be; Stress. The hidden tension in most smokers makes them pull out a cigarette each time when they are under the pump. This method of easing the signs and symptoms of stress through smoking is called ‘self-medication’. Some of the general situations that trigger such stress are as follows:

  • Unknown situations
  • Emotion upheaval
  • Intense argument
  • Boredom

These are called emotional triggers, which are quite hard to control, especially for those who have been addicted to smoking for a long time. However, one should not lose hope as there are several wonderful strategies that can help tackle these kinds of stress. These life hacks would help smokers not to go for cigarettes even in the most crunch situations of life.

Go For a Walk

Next time when you feel like lighting up a cigarette, go for a walk instead. Walking is a type of exercise that releases the “feel good” hormones called endorphins. You will be surprised by how quickly the urge to smoke goes when you take a small stroll in the park. It might be a little uncomfortable initially for this transition, but with a bit of willpower, you can succeed in this task. You will slowly find your dependency on cigarettes gradually fading away. It would be highly helpful if you can also incorporate a walking regimen every day in the morning.

Exercise Regularly

Your daily dose of exercise proves wonderful in quitting the craving for smoking. Even moderate physical activities like aerobic exercise are highly effective in thwarting away the urge for cigarettes. However, to get the results quickly, one should try to have 30 mins of moderate-intensity physical activity on most days of the week. If the urge for smoking comes when you are at your office, you can try pacing up and down the stairs for some time. Another simple exercise you can do at the office is knee bends, which can be done with the support of a desk.

Try Yoga

One of the best techniques to beat all kinds of addictions, Yoga also helps you to become the healthiest version of yourself. Regular practice of different yoga asanascombats the stress that causes you to smoke. Outside the domain of smoking, these asanas also help you to remove all kinds of negativity out of your life. There is a yoga exercise called Pranayama that involves the regulation of breath and deep conscious breathing. Pranayama stimulates pulmonary stretch receptors, which are used during inhalations and exhalations in smoking too. This close connection between the two helps in beating the addiction to cigarettes quickly.

Find Alternatives to Smoking

Sometimes, the addiction to smoking can be so intense that even the thought of quitting can put a smoker in distress. Many smokers also become anxious during the withdrawal periods. It then becomes necessary to find a suitable substitute that would help to quit the cigarettes slowly. E-cigarettes are one such alternative to the standard cigarettes, featuring a facility to tweak the nicotine levels. One can adjust the nicotine levels for gradually reducing the craving for it. The switch from smoking to vaping would also help you to avoid the harmful chemicals that emanate from tobacco.

Give Yourself a Break

Having a huge work-load is another reason why most people resort to smoking. Continuous work makes a person dull, and it can also hamper the overall efficiency. Give yourself a break whenever possible. This not only relaxes you effectively but also rejuvenates you to come back stronger for the work. Go for a vacation with your family or friend and enjoy every bit of your time spent with them. These would be those rare moments that shall be worth cherishing for in your later years. You will also be boosting your creative sideif you are planning to travel to new places.

Be Selfish Regarding Your Health

To enjoy each moment of your life at its very best, it is essential that we remain in superb health. If we become weak, it would be highly challenging to give our best shot in the things we are going to do. Being unhealthy can also be a great reason to smoke, as we are not really bothered about our fitness. The motivation to quit smoking will increase the moment one begins to aim for superb health. To start with, one needs to eliminate all the junk foods from their diet and consider eating greens. Healthy eating also helps a person to regain the lost vitality and glow within no time.

Stress should not be an obstacle in your way to quitting the addiction of smoking. Nor should it be an excuse to continue the habit of smoking. With the help of the tips given above and also with a little willpower, you can manage to kick the butt forever from your life.

My name is Mark Simon. I am a writer by profession and love to share my written blogs and thoughts about Technology, Gadgets, Electronics, and many more that will be informative and useful for readers who love to gain knowledge.
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