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Do You Know Your Tires? Read to Find Out

11% of drivers say they encounter difficulties while driving in areas with challenging climates.


That's mainly because they don't know their tires.


So if you want a smooth, safe drive, your car must be equipped with the right tires as the seasons change.

You've probably heard the term "snow tires" before... but like most people, you probably don't know what it means or under which conditions you should use which tires.


These are some of the reasons why you must choose tires approved for your type of vehicle and adapted to the climatic conditions in which you are driving… your tires ensure:


  1. stability of the trajectory 

  2. damping of roughness

  3. load transfers 

  4. transmission of engine energy 

  5. quality of braking

  6. always increase the value of your car


That is to say, your tires are the number one safety measure to consider when your car is moving. 


Indeed, the performance of your tires also depends on the conditions in which they are used. Besides, changing them according to the season is an excellent way to preserve their rubber, prolong the life of your car... and keep you safe!


So, you are ready to buy tires, but you are confused with all the options out there?


In this article, we are going to break down the main three types of passenger cars’ tires to choose the best for you. 

All-Season Tire

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All-season doesn’t mean astounding performance in all seasons. It means the designer compromised dry and wet traction for very marginal ability in the snow.  


All-season tires give you a combination of comfort, noise reduction, and longevity. So it’s a great choice for a daily driver that stacks on miles and goes for long road trips.

This kind of tire is best suited for economy vehicles that will not see any aggressive driving.


The tread of this tire has a lot of siphoning in various gaps between the tread blocks to reduce the rolling resistance, which increases tire lifespan and efficiency at the expense of grip and performance.


However, if you live in an area where you see snow most often or where temperature degrees are extremely low, you can’t drive with an all-season tire all year.

Snow Tire

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The biggest argument about snow tires is the cost. Not necessarily the cost of the tires themselves, but the cost of having two sets of tires to one car.


When you buy two sets of tires, you’re not only doubling the costs of the tires, you are doubling their lifespan as well. Plus, upgrading safety and performance.


In the beginning, you may think you're paying extra, but what you don't realize is they are going to last twice as long, and you will not have to change them if you want to sell your car


Usually, a tire hardens due to age or cold weather causing a reduction in the grip.


The key feature of a snow tire is the compound that the tire is made out of. A compound that allows the tire to remain flexible in low temperatures. 


A snow tire has an aggressive tread pattern with many deeper sipes and biting edges. 


If you live in a place where you see a fair amount of snow, it is highly recommended to use winter tires. 

Summer Performance Tire 

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Just like how snow tires make a lot of difference in cold weather, summer tires make a lot of difference in driving in hot weather. 


A summer tire is made out of a softer rubber compound and gripper than an all-season tire for improved grip in warm weather. It also has a more aggressive tread pattern to keep more rubber on the road.


The bright sides of a summer tire are:


  • Better performance.

  • Better grip.

  • Less stopping distance when braking.

  • More predictability in emergencies. 


The only dark side is more road noise because of the pattern on the tire. So, it is highly advised to get a summer tire if you live in a hot area.


How do You Choose the Right One for You? 


That depends on your vehicle, driving habits, and budget.


In general, you should be using the safest tire you can afford which would be the tire that performs best in your environment.


At the end of the day, when you have dedicated seasonal tires, you are doubling the lifespan of your tires. Besides, you are optimizing your vehicle’s capability in case of an emergency.


After choosing the right tire for your car, there are some easy hacks to make your tire last as long as possible:


  • Check the tires shock absorbers


Your tires absorb a lot of shock from the car weight. When you hit a bump, the rubber goes into the air and absorbs a lot of the shock force.


So, if your car shock absorbers aren’t working right,  your tires will absorb most of the shock, causing them to wear out faster. 


Not only that, your car’s shock absorbers hold the tire in a certain position. If the tires are worn out, they are going to bounce while driving, causing noise and vibration. Besides, it will cost you a lot of time while breaking.


  • Check the tire pressure


Your tires should have the correct pressure at all times. If you take a look at your car’s manual, there is a suggestion of the suitable amount of air in the tire. The best pressure is somewhere in between the suggested numbers. 


Your car is your friend on the road, whatever the amount of money you invest in it will come back to you. Enjoy your ride and stay safe!

Daniel Zayas
Daniel Zayas
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