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Do You Need Letterbox Upgrade?

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Earlier, Aussie homes had a simple opening with a flap in their front doors where post got delivered. These simple openings are no more trendy or the best alternative available on the market. Today, you can choose from the contemporary letterboxes that are elegant, more practical, and has aesthetic appeal.

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Why Should You Replace Simple Slot Letterboxes?

The soft and delicate paper letters that are not quite sturdy, when pushed through the flap opening by the postman or courier delivery person, it could get bent or stuck. Sometimes, the letter may fall outside after some time. And if you have a pet like a dog and if you are not fortunate enough, then your pet dog could munch on the soft paper letter. After you have passed through such an experience, probably you will want to consider installing a different styled-letterbox that can serve the purpose well and also look visually appealing.

Today, you can install letterboxes in Sydney with different shapes and styles that are practical - serves its purpose well and embellishes your home front.

What Type of Modern Letterbox Would You Prefer Installing?

Nowadays, you get letterboxes that you can fix to your gate, fence or wall. Besides, you can select a standalone letterbox or American-styled letterbox that can hold your post dry and safe, as well as add a distinctive feature to your home front. It will also please your postman or courier delivery person as they would not have to walk up to your doorstep or where the letterbox installed.

Regardless of the letterbox type you want to go with, you can select a style to match the look and feel of your home as letterboxes are available in different styles such as contemporary, ultra-modern, Edwardian and Georgian styles to name a few.

Shopping online trend is on the rise as people prefer to get the items they purchase delivered to their doorstep, so big letterboxes have gained enormous preference. That is because magazines, books and even small parcels could be delivered to the big letterbox installed at the front of your home that will securely store your items until you return home.

Simple Letter Cage 

Well, a simple letter cage is an option if you don’t want to expose your door’s simple slot and safeguard your mail from your darling doggy. A letter cage can be easily attached to your front door’s simple opening-slot covering it and will hang down a bit as well, so there is adequate space to receive mails and magazines. Your postman or delivery man can drop your mail into this letter cage, and it will keep it safe until you return home.

Get High-Quality Sandstone or Stone Letterboxes in Sydney

Established companies involved in constructing high-quality pier caps, porch columns, architectural & concrete columns in Sydney can make custom gate posts with letterboxes, as well as fence post as per your requirements. So you can build purposeful, durable and beautiful stone or sandstone letterboxes in Sydney at affordable prices.

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