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Do You Need to Start Contacting Wisdom Teeth Clinics?

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When we talk about health, most of us would probably think of our living habits just to avoid heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other types of illnesses. Perhaps, oral health may be in the back of our minds. But do you know that oral health plays a vital role in our overall health? According to the data collected by Healthy People 2020, evidence shows that dental health is connected to several chronic diseases. That is why a regular dental check-up is important.

Unfortunately, some people prefer not to visit a dentist, even if they already feel something is wrong. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare says that 4 out of 10 or 39% of Australians have avoided or delayed dental consultations due to cost. Today, let’s talk about one of the most common dental problems, wisdom teeth and know if you should go to one of the wisdom teeth clinics near you.

What Is Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth or the third set of molars are the last set of adult teeth to come into the far reaches of the mouth. These appear sometime between the age of 17 and 21. 53% of individuals developed at least one wisdom tooth. However, some have never experienced having them at all.

When to Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Some wisdom teeth may grow naturally without any problems. This means that the teeth are positioned correctly and there are no issues whenever chewing or biting. If this is the case, then there’s no need to visit wisdom teeth clinics and have your teeth checked by experts.

On the other hand, there are instances wherein the wisdom teeth didn’t grow properly. If wisdom teeth didn’t emerge correctly, they can remain trapped within your jaw which can cause cyst or infection. Another scenario is the possibility of having a passageway in your mouth to attract bacteria because the wisdom teeth emerge partially. Lastly, erupting wisdom teeth can also crowd or damage nearby teeth.

Aside from wisdom teeth not fully emerging, here are some other signs to help you search for “wisdom teeth removal near me” on your search box:

  • Sensitivity and pain in the back of the mouth
  • Inflammation around the gums
  • Development of cysts in the mouth
  • Bad breath or unpleasant taste
  • Sinus issues
  • Jaw pain and stiffness

Wisdom Extraction Cost

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The big question is how much to get wisdom teeth removed. The answer depends on the level of complexity of each case. In Australia, wisdom teeth removal can cost between $200 and $400.

To determine the wisdom teeth extraction cost, there are three factors to consider so you can assess the situation:

  • The type of impaction – is it a complete or partial bony impaction or soft tissue impaction?
  • Is the wisdom teeth fully erupted, completely submerged, or partially covered by the gum tissue?
  • Are there fully formed roots?

The professional who will perform the procedure also plays a part in the overall cost. Wisdom teeth extractions are usually surgeons specializing in oral and maxillofacial surgery. General dentists and board-certified dental specialists knowledgeable in the field of jaw and mouth surgery are also eligible to remove wisdom teeth. Getting treatment from an oral surgeon can cost you up to 35% more than you would with a general dentist wisdom teeth removal cost.

Insurance also affects the total cost of wisdom teeth removal. If you have private health insurance, they may cover a portion of the treatment cost. Another factor is your location. Wisdom teeth clinics charge differently per Australian state. Note that it may be cheaper to have your wisdom teeth removed in major cities than in rural areas.


Dentists recommend patients to undergo wisdom teeth removal at a younger age. This is because the roots and bone may not have developed fully at this time. Plus, recovery can be faster. Schedule a dental X-ray to know if your wisdom teeth are on their way.

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