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Do You Qualify For O-1 Visa? Find Out!

The O-1 non-immigrant visa is meant for those individuals who have extraordinary ability in science, art, business, and athletics. Based on the profession the O-1 visa has following types:

  • O-1A: It is meant for those who possess extraordinary ability in sciences, education, business, or athletics. (Get in touch with O-1 Business Visa Lawyer Miami for best results)
  • O-1B: It is meant for those who have extraordinary ability in arts or have extraordinary achievement in motion picture or television industry.

So Do You Qualify For One?

You can qualify for this visa if you can demonstrate extraordinary ability by national and international acclaim. You should be coming temporarily to the US and should work in your area of ability. As an applicant, you must show your abilities in one of the following manners. You have an Olympic medal or Pulitzer price or have accomplished at least three of the following:

  • You have received a nationally recognized prize or an award for excellence
  • You are a member of an association that’s highly acclaimed and recognized by national or international experts.
  • You have been the subject of published material in the professional publication of repute
  • You have been on a panel or have judged the work of the other in your field.
  • You have made an original scientific or business related contribution that has been judged significant
  • Your articles have been published in numerous professional journals
  • You have been a part of a reputed organization with a distinguished reputation.

Few Pros & Cons of O-1 visa

These visas are issued fairly quickly and are granted up-to a maximum of three years but you can unlimited extensions in one-year increments. Once you have the visa, you can work legally in the US but only for visa sponsor and if you want to change job you’ll have to apply for new visa. The visa allows you to bring your spouse and kids below age 21, but they can’t work and earn the O-1 visa holder. During the validity of the visa, you may travel in & out of US with your family.

Making an Application

You may make the application on own, or you make take the help of   O-1 Business Visa Lawyer Miami. In either case the Form I-129, petition for a nonimmigrant worker with USCIS office mentioned. While you can’t make application one year before you chose to work, but you must file the application at least 45 days before the employment.

In The End

While no-one can stop you from making the application on own, but with the help of a lawyer, you can get it rather comfortably.

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