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Do you think prefabricated structures are a good choice in India?

Prefabricated buildings are widely accepted these days because of the immense benefits. The biggest and major benefit of getting a building constructed with prefabrication is its quickness and offsite. A great combination of designs and top-notch mechanism through which work is simplified to a great extent and building is made ready to use within a matter of days. Prefabricated structures in India are custom based which means they can be customized as per the specifications given by the client. You don’t have to compromise with an already existing structure, instead come up with your requirements and your prefabricated building manufacturer will take care of the rest.

Practically speaking, India has not embraced prefabrication as compared to other developing countries. Despite the popularity of the real estate sector in India, you can see only a few prefabricated building manufacturers but with continuity and immense benefits, we’d probably see prefabrication as the first preference of many builders. In this article, we are sharing some of the strong reasons why prefabrication is picked in India these days.


Environment-friendly prefabricated structures in India


Prefabricated construction is made off-site which means windows, doors, etc are constructed off-site and further are implemented on-site. This type of construction reduces wastage and helps you contribute to mother nature. Prefabricated construction has been proved to be the most sustainable form of construction because the process produces less wastage and due to off-site construction, the actual sites are kept clean and no harm to the environment is made. The minimal waste produced in the procedure can be reused in the industry itself which helps you save the cost by optimum utilization of resources. India needs extra care towards the environment and prefabrication is the step that we need to take for a healthy and green environment.

Minimal time used in the construction of prefabricated structures


India is a developing country, we see a new infrastructural project every year to make India shine brighter. Another win of this type of construction is the time that is consumed is very minimal. Days are gone when infrastructural projects take 4-5 years to be constructed. It just takes half of the time that is used in the traditional types of construction. The parts of the building are manufactured off site which results in no delays due to weather conditions or workers availability. This construction is not limited to buildings and offices but a whole labor colony because big infrastructure projects need a lot of labor and workers generally take a lot of time to reach the actual sites so the prefabricated structure manufacturer came up with the concept of constructing a complete labor colony and worker camps in the limited time period. Work is done in the most efficient way with the help of these accommodations for labor.



     How to select the right prefabricated structure manufacturer?

Making the decision of selecting a compatible prefabricated structure manufacturer in India is no less than any hassle. Prefabrication is not adopted by India on a big level, we only have a few good prefabricated building manufacturers, and selecting the best out of these is a struggle in itself, some of the major points that you should look for in a prefabricated building manufacturer before investing in it are as follows:

     Timely delivery of the project



     Availability of designs

     Customer support


A prefabricated structure manufacturer with timely delivery that too in a budget is a boon for any person planning to construct. Another quality that a prefabricated building manufacturer should possess is reliability, the manufacturer should develop faith through their remarkable quality and customer service. If your selected prefabricated structure manufacturer satisfies all the requirements of the “best prefabricated building manufacturer”, you know whom to go with. 



Prefabricated building manufacturers with unmatchable quality


Quality is the foremost concern of any client, affordability and quick construction are just the add-on. A prefabricated building manufacturer should be able to deliver the unmatchable quality of prefabricated structures in India. MDIPL is one such prefabricated structure manufacturer that delivers the best quality and wide range of prefabricated structures in India. Mdipl offers all types of prefabricated structures such as porta cabin, industrial shed, clean room, farmhouse, warehouses , lgsf building, schools and many more.MDIPL is a well-known name in the prefabrication industry serving its customers for a long time now. 29+ years of experience in the construction industry is enough to reveal the dedication and capabilities of this prefabricated building manufacturer.

 Despite the benefits, India is a bit slow with the idea of prefabrication. We haven’t observed any drastic change in the choices of construction yet but we can hope to see it very soon.

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