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10 Powerful Advantages of Using a Document Management System for Business

A Document Management system is a programmed, automated and computerized way in which information is captured, tagged and stored in an organized manner; this way, the documents can never get misplaced.

This is contrary to the traditional ways where hard copy documents were stored in boxes and cabinets, compromising their security. While working in an office with different people whose integrity may be compromised at one time or another, one can be almost sure to conclude that paper documents can be misplaced maliciously or even in an unintentional manner.

The thought of looking for a misplaced document in a business office is a frustrating affair, and a colleague may come in - distracting you and making you to quit looking for it, and truth be told, that becomes the end of the search.

However with the automated Document Management Systems, one can be sure that all the insecurities relating to loss and change of the original information are a thing of the past.

Storing paper documents in the cabinets is a risk for floods, malicious removal, pollution of the environment; but the automated system comes with many advantages that help overcome the latter challenges.

Upcoming businesses typically use Filecenter DMS since it is a safe and inexpensive way of storing the documents. It incorporates cloud services like storing documents on Google drive, Dropbox or even one drive.

Some of these advantages are highlighted here below;

Enhanced Security

Once a business upgrades from paperwork, security gets enhanced since the administrator can assign rights to individual staff and can retrieve any person that accessed that document at any particular time.

Take for instance the following situation: documents fall into the wrong hands, all the information is exposed. Not the ideal way to handle business, right?

This kind of program restricts the staff’s access to company information, and any person who accessed or modified any info left a trail that is easy to see.

Minimized Storage space

With the rising costs of rental fee on commercial buildings, Document management processes will drastically reduce the need for cabinets and boxes needed to store the hard paper documents. As such, office space is reduced, and the only area that remains is the working space required by employees while carrying out their duties. Read this article and you will get some ideas about how it works.

Easy retrieval of documents

Searching and retrieving paper documents is one of the frustrating duties that a clerk can be assigned to do. If a document happens to be misplaced, then one can spend an entire week looking for it without success. However, with the DMS, the process is organized in such a manner that one can access a document at the click of a button. Here Lifewire has come up with some free file search tools. This depends on the application system that has been employed to guide in searching for the documents; for instance when it comes to tagging in alphabetical order, you only need to type that first letter, and all information is displayed.

Reduced Errors during business operations

In most cases, the Document Management System has a maker-checker option whereby before a final copy is stored, there is an inputter and an authorizer who checks for errors and authenticates the credibility of such information. This ensures that quality content with no or minimal errors is stored.

When there are no errors, customers build confidence, and the business reputation is enhanced.

Productivity improves

If you think of the number of hours that can be spent searching for a document you can only estimate the time that is lost, and that is not something to be desired.  Modern businesses work online, and competition that is in the e-commerce field needs a quick thinker and worker who will stick to the deadlines; this is imperative and cannot be ignored.

Imagine how challenging it would be for an administrator to send wrong business emails to esteemed customers because of inefficient filing of the addresses.

However, when you have a database with the customer information, work moves faster, the emails are created directly from the database and productivity and accuracy will increase.

Easier Access of Data

In case a business person is out on the field working, and he/she needs some information, one does not have to make back and forth calls to the office to get information, let’s say, to get a catalogue. So as long as you have the login information with you, you can access the information at any time and with any device.

This makes it easier to close the deals that can bring a real profit to the company.

The other thing is that if you are working remotely with junior staff, you can monitor their operations, support them if they encounter some problems and everyone will have a productive day.

This means that staff can work in multiple locations and ensure that the workflow is continuous.

Assets and Data Protection

When data has been stored in the Data Management system, the business owner is well assured that all the business information is well secured, and even in case of theft, only paperwork will be lost, but the backup will be sufficient to retrieve and move on the following day. Back up in this case becomes the order of the day and all relevant documents are securely fitted and can be recovered safely should any need for them arise.

In this case, only the appointed staff is given authority to back up the data no matter how diverse the business is. Only an administrator can do a full back up from one location.

It gives some sense of security to the company owners that the documents are stored in a centralized location that cannot be accessed by any unauthorized user.

Minimal use of paper for productivity

Research has it that using digital systems increase work performance by over 40% besides saving on the storage space.

The value of database management systems outweighs by far any work that is attributed through the paperwork.

Take into consideration that the below factors have been enhanced by the use of DMS.

  1. Sharing of digital documents. This is useful when members of staff, located in different places, can access and share documents and submit their work at the end of the day in a few seconds.
  2. The system is set in such a way that it can retain useful documents and remove any obsolete or expired ones at any time.
  • The administrators can secure, backup and store the documents as required by the company.

Enhanced Regulatory Compliance

Every state has compliance limits to ensure that compliance with the federal law has been adhered to.

Compliance for paper documents is a challenging task as opposed to having the files automated for easier retrieval and in case of an audit; for the business to be given an assurance report that it has complied with the federal laws, it has to have a proper online filing system, and tagging, sorting and managing of the database must be done daily.

Value-added Ways of audit tracking

The fact that the database administrator can track who accesses the files, deletes or encrypts data is a fact that we cannot ignore. Minimal malicious activity can take place because each person has limited access to the program. Only the directors or the board can access high-level documents, finance directors are given the rights to access financial information reports, and as such the hierarchy levels are maintained at a high standard.

Final thoughts

There are many benefits that come along with proper documentation in an organization. But this is only achieved through proper organisation of information.

Besides, the business may have an advantage in a market that needs aggressive marketing. Speed matters and with enhanced DMS, one is assured that productivity is the order of the day.

Most importantly the customer is always the king, and when customers get a Wow experience, client relations improve and they not only turn out to buy as return customers but refer others because of the wonderful experience they.

It is important to note that time is money and once lost, it’s never recovered, and as such faster retrieval of documents acts as a catalyst to the staff’s morale, it enables them to work better, thereby meeting the customers’ expectations.

After all, profits and peace of mind are what a business person is interested in, and database management solution is the gateway to all challenges encountered in the manual filing.

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