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Does A Brand Logo Really Affect Business Success?

The gambling market is very competitive. As the industry grows by the day, so does the fight to become the best gambling provider. Nowadays, before choosing a casino, gamblers make research, read articles like a review of NetEnt casinos, review of Microgaming casinos or else, and check user’s feedbacks on different forums. Therefore, you definitely want your business to stand out from the others, as otherwise nobody would notice it. By standing out from the rest, you will get a competitive edge over your business competitors and increase your profit margin. Did you know that your casino business logo can give you the competitive edge you need to increase profit margins? Read on to find out how a logo can affect your business.

How many top international gambling brands can you identify from looking at their logos? There are some brand logos that you know well enough to make an accurate sketch just off the head. Did you know that your logo's likeability is directly proportional to the chances of customers buying your services?

Yes, your gambling business is only as good as the quality of products and your logo! A logo is more than just graphics. It is your brand identity and the face of your company. In this blog, we will explore how a brand affects a business’s success and why you should get a professional logo.

Logos – The Graphical Faces of Businesses

All top gambling companies in the world have a relatable logo design. These are simple, catchy logo pictures that customers will easily memorize. The logos help in selling the companies' products and services. Who doesn't want their logos to do the marketing work for them? If you are in the gambling business, you definitely want this to happen.

So, how can your logo change the fortunes of your gambling business? Here are the benefits of a professional logo:

●    Creates Good First Impression To Clients

A company's logo is more than just graphics. It is the first point interaction between a client and a business. If the logo reeks of unprofessionalism, the client will opt for another service provider. If the logo exudes 'confidence' and professionalism, the client is highly likely to engage with you. The gambling business requires trust. Hence, you want your customers to trust your services right from the word go.

A professional logo will help you make a good first impression on clients. With a good first impression, clients will want to try your products and services.

●    Good Logos Make Your Gambling Business Recognizable

Those who didn't like your logo from the first glance, are hardly going to recognize it another time. If a client liked your logo at first glance, they are likely to remember you as a service provider they want to stick to.

Great logos are easy to memorize. Meanwhile, the recognition on its own is a first step towards creating a good brand reputation. If you are running an online casino or a brick and mortar establishment, you want your customers to be able to identify your brand just from your logo. The ability to recognize a brand helps customers to feel confident about the services. This increases the chances of the customers actually interacting with your casino.

●    A Good Brand Logo Helps You To Stand Out From Competition

A lot of casinos offer the same type of games. A lot of online casinos in particular, often use the same software provider. This means that the quality of the games is very similar. To stand out from the crowd, casino businesses have to invest in branding and proper marketing. A good logo can help you to stand out and beat the competition.

In such a competitive era of conducting business, you want all the advantages that you can get. Your logo will give you a very big advantage if you get it right.

●    A Good Logo Sells

The average attention span of a human being is 8 seconds. Your logo, therefore, has very few seconds to create a good first impression to gambling customers and convince them to try and play your games or interact with your business in one way or the other. Make the seconds worthwhile.

Now that we know the benefits of a good professional logo, what are its attributes? Here are the steps to take on a way to creating a great business logo:

  • Make Unique Logo – your logo should differ from anything else in the market. This helps customers to distinguish your business from the billions of others in the world.
  • Tell Your Brand Story – a new player should be able to know what your business is about from your logo. If you run a casino, let your brand logo and name hint at casino services. The logo should suite the type of services that you offer in your establishment.
  • Have the Right Colour Combination – A lot of casinos have a red or bright color in their logos. This is a good move since the color red exudes adventure and fun. You want your players to crave for adventure.           
  • Make the Logo Consistent With Other Branding – your logo should be consistent with the rest of the branding used. From the font and the colors to the overall design, there should be consistency across your branding. Big brands are well aware of this tip. They are working hard to make brand attributes reconcile even if big changes or new partnerships take place. Consistency increases a brand's trustworthiness.

Where can one get a good logo? Well, there are many ways to invest in a professional logo. You can ask your in-house marketing team to design a business logo for you or refer to freelance graphic designers.

Before a designer embarks on creating a logo for you, make sure they have a good understanding of your business' journey and overall brand story.


A good logo can change the fortunes of business for the better. With the gambling industry expected to hit $566 billion in valuation by 2022, you want a big piece of the cake as well. Investing in a professional logo could be the break your business longs for and will help you increase your profit margins. Go out of the way and give your business a better logo and watch it soar to success.

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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