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Does a House Sell Better Empty or Staged?

Human nature dictates that all eyes become drawn to beautiful things. Whether it is a pretty flower, a beautiful face, or a well-designed room, you can expect anyone’s eyes to be attracted to it. That’s just how life works! So when it comes to creating more hype for your listings and selling more properties, you must rely on beautiful photos to get the job done. Thankfully, you can count on virtual staging to help you spruce up any kind of space, whether empty or furnished.

The Definition of Virtual Staging

When you look at real estate marketing strategies, virtually staging properties is actually not a new concept. Traditional staging has been around for decades, and most realtors rely on it to make all types of property more sellable.

In old school staging, you ask interior designers to buy furniture, accent pieces, and other embellishments to beautify any kind of space. For example, empty model homes are filled with stuff to make them look enticing and livable for prospective home buyers. By the same token, home sellers rely on traditional staging to declutter their homes and give them an updated, fresh look to captivate buyers.

Similarly, virtual staging works with the same goals in mind. But this time, all the design happens in a virtual arena. With the aid of software and a skilled graphic editor, you can make realistic 3D renderings out of an empty space. You don’t have to spend any money or expend any effort to get the job done. The software can do the following:

     Ensure that a sad-looking empty space transforms into a heart-warming enclave that buyers are more keen to purchase.

     Work with existing home furnishings and accouterments to create even more enticing photos of a house that’s being resold.

     Make very realistic images that resonate with buyers without spending a lot of money.

     Erase unsightly parts of a well-loved home to make it more appealing.

How This Virtual Method Works

The virtual staging method is highly effective because it conforms to the needs of modern people. Today, everyone is reliant on the internet. People e-shop, engage in online banking, seek news, and look for homes. In fact, studies today indicate that 80% of the home buying process begins via an online search. More importantly, more than half of real-life bookings get their start via an online portal.

As you can see, the internet plays an integral role in people’s lives. For this reason, you need to rely on virtually staged properties if you want your market to find out more about your listings. The number one rule of marketing dictates that you must send meaningful messages, at the proper time, to the right people, in the correct venue. Remember, your market now hangs out online. As such, you must optimize cyberspace to sell more homes. If you are just relying on traditional marketing methods, your competitors are going to crush you.

Advantages of this Strategy

Thanks to modern advancements, everyone can optimize technology to make life easier. It is no different in real estate. You must now use virtual staging to generate more leads, increase conversion rates, and amplify sales.

  • Resonates With Buyers

A house that is virtually staged sells better. Why? Because your buyers can imagine themselves living in the property. Usually, buyers don’t pay attention to cluttered spaces. Similarly, when a property is vacant, buyers don’t feel any affinity for the said property. To increase your inquiries and sales, you must virtually stage properties to create a good first and lasting impression. This way, your clients will be more willing to consider buying the home.

  1. Saves Resources

Traditional staging is very costly. Apart from money, it also eats up a lot of your time and effort. The worst thing is when the home doesn’t sell. You may need to redecorate it once again to make it more appealing. Hence, you’ve wasted your initial investment. However, by staging virtually, you can beautify any space with a mere click of the mouse. It offers the same benefits of traditional staging without the added stress and hassle.

  • Offers Tons of Convenience

Imagine with just software and an editor; you can redesign any kind of property. No matter how big the property is, you can spruce it up easily without breaking into a sweat. You don’t even need to be there to get things moving. You just need to tell the graphic artist what your specific requirements are, and he/she can work design magic on your space. For example, you can ask your graphic editor to use the same space to create two different themes. You can make a sleek, simple contemporary design, or you can also offer a country home with a more rustic appeal. Through this versatile method, you can reach more prospective clients.

  • Paves the Way for Easy Marketing

Thanks to realistic images made via 3-dimensional renderings of properties, you have stunning photos that scream for attention. With these photos, builders, realtors, and designers can showcase their portfolio and listings to capture the right target market. You can use these images for:

     Sharing on various social media platforms

     Provide more photos on your official website

     Create a slide presentation to give a potential client a virtual home tour

     Showcasing stunning listings via e-newsletters

     Sending enticing pictures via chat or pm

Final Wrap Up

If you want to make a killing in home sales, you must rely on virtual staging to crush your goals and hit your sales target. With the majority of interactions happening on the world wide web, you must be visible where your clients are. With realistic images that connect with your clients, you can make a stronger impact. Instead of using brand photos in your social media captions, e-newsletters, and online listings, you must leverage technology. Real estate is a cutthroat market. In order to not be beat by the competitors, you must adapt. With technology right at your fingertips, there is just no excuse not to hit your goals! 

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