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Does Landscaping Increase the Value of Your Home?


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There’s a good reason potential homebuyers are more willing to pay extra for improvements to the garden and backyard rather than a redesigned kitchen. Home interiors and design go out of style, but gardens are forever. The plants grow fuller and more robust. They make the property more beautiful as the days go by.

If your property is on the market, take a look at its garden or backyard. You might want to look for a landscape supply company in Salt Lake City or other cities. They can reinvent your garden and increase the value of your property.

The Value of a Landscaped Garden

According to real estate experts, the return on investment of a landscaped garden can go up as high as 1,000 percent. This means that if you pay $20,000 for landscaping services, you can get $200,000 more for it when the property is sold. It is not a guarantee that every landscaping job will get a 1,000-percent increase in price.

Some say that getting 150% of the total amount spent on landscaping is good enough. If you put in $10,000 for the landscaping, you will get about $25,000 in return. You should invest your money well to get the most bang for your buck. This includes knowing what style fits the architectural design of your house. You cannot invest in an English garden if your house is more Mediterranean in style. You need a landscaping plan that matches the design and aesthetics of your property.

Of course, not all homeowners have thousands of dollars to invest in their gardens. The general rule is to invest 10% of the amount of the property on improving the garden and backyard. But if that is not possible, you can get creative by adding colors with annuals, perennials, and flowering shrubs. You can also make sure that the grass is as green as possible by removing dried leaves and weeds.

Not a Be-all and End-all Approach

The expensive landscaping of a garden is not the be-all and end-all of home improvements. How much you should spend on improving the garden will also depend on the market you’re trying to target, as well as the kind of neighborhood where your property is. If your property is located in a gated community in Beverly Hills then sure, spend thousands of dollars on the garden. You’ll get more than that investment when you sell the property.

However, if your property is located in the seedy part of the city, you cannot expect big-time homebuyers to look at it. You also cannot expect your target market to want to maintain an expensive garden. Instead, you can clean it up, mow the lawn, and put some potted plants on its edges.

While these may not have a direct impact on the value of the property, it will make a good first impression. More potential homebuyers will be interested in your property. You will find that it’s easier to attract homebuyers when your garden or lawn is well-kept.

Remember that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on your landscaping project. There are plenty of landscape architects who can work within your budget. You can also DIY some of these things to save money.

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