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Does Lemon Make You Lose Weight?

is lemon water good for you

The good question - Could the lemon water regularly really prevent us from lifting our legs to lose weight?

Do not deny, you have certainly asked yourself the question. And that's not very surprising. In case you missed it. Citrus fruit is one of those foods which, without really knowing why, offers a sweet feeling of purification when eaten. 

The same one felt the next day, where sprinkling your throat with lukewarm lemon water seems almost enough to erase the salad bowl of mojitos ingested the day before.

But one of its supposed virtues is particularly attractive: its help in losing weight. The latter would be deduced from the principle that citrus fruit facilitates digestion, a reality according to certain dieticians and nutritionists (hence its interest the day after the aforementioned evening). 

Conversely, poor digestive work promotes the accumulation of toxins and therefore weight gain. From there, sipping the brew would help keep fat out. It is at this precise moment that we intervene.

No Action on Fat-Melting?

Because without too many surprises, drinking a 1.5-liter gourd of lemon juice throughout the day has never made anyone lose weight, at least not by doing no sport and keeping the same diet. Let's start with the beginning. 

The citrus fruit itself, like any food, has no bearing on weight loss. According to food scientists: "Food is either energy, in which case it promotes fat storage by the body, or it is not, has fibers, vitamins or others, but has no effect on the melting of fats. " Our dear fatty tissue melts when we exercise, and that's all about it.

On the other hand, it is obvious that anyone will lose weight, and even rather quickly, by making a belt on any solid food and by drinking only lemon water. This is more or less the concept touted by certain researchers. 

Originally, the maneuver aimed to detoxify the body by fasting for ten days, by not drinking only a lemon-based drink decorated in particular with spices.

In all this, we owe nothing to the citrus fruit, but simply to stop the diet. Weight loss would be done just as much with pomegranate, endives, or yellow peppers. 

Besides, according to the few studies that we have on the subject, we see that this consumption of lemon is often associated with a low-calorie diet. People lose weight, but only because they limit their calorie intake.

Lemon Yes, for Its Vitamins and Antioxidants

Squeeze the juice of half an organic lemon into a large glass of water in the morning to benefit from its vitamin C and antioxidants.

Anyway, even if there is weight loss, we know only too well the consequences on the health of this kind of diet. In order of importance, the possible deficiencies, the severe backlash when resuming a diet considered normal, and the difficulty of stabilizing one's weight thereafter.

On the other hand, you are free to consume citrus fruit to optimize your lifestyle. 

  • Lemon contains a very high level of Vitamin C which is very useful for our body.

  • The citric acid helps to reduce the toxic accumulation in our body.

  • Lemon supports our urinary system and exterminates toxic materials from our kidneys.

  • Lemon is full of fiber so it is extremely helpful for digestion and to maintain the blood sugar.

  • It improves our immune system

So there is no doubt about the benefits of lemon but how we can use it to lose weight. We must add lemon as regular daily food due to its health benefits. If your target is to lose weight with a lemon diet then you must do these few things. How to make lemon water for losing weight in 4 weeks.

  • You must drink water with lemon added to improve your body systems and exterminate the toxic materials from your body. It will transform you into an active lifestyle and you would be losing weight subsequently. 

  • Consume lemon-infused water in the morning to give your body a good start rather than loading it with carbs or other fatty foods.

  • Eat desserts by adding lemon to it. It would not only help you meet your energy requirements rather you would be spared for taking fatty foods. 

  • Include lemon in the foods you take in lunch and dinner 

So, if you think that only by adding to your diet would make you slim then you are on the wrong side. Lemon has no direct relation with losing weight but there is no doubt that it has multiple benefits. 


So be not to over expect from lemon to help lose weight rather it is more convincing that you switch to a lemon-based diet and lose weight there is no direct relation between the two. Lose weight with a healthy lifestyle and well-planned meals.

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