Does Metal Roof get hot in summer?


With summer comes several memories of your childhood. Can you recollect how hot your house went because of a boiling asphalt driveway? With bare feet, you ran quick enough to prevent your feet from scorching.

Asphalt cannot change its nature when you talk about heat

Asphalt gets heated up pretty quickly and though there isn’t much similarity on the one on your driveway and the one on your roof, it is the basic property of asphalt to absorb and transfer heat. The sun is harsh to asphalt shingles and it wears them down, fades them out and sometimes may cause split and crack.

With temperatures rising so high this year, asphalt shingles have literally baked releasing all the heat in the attic and bringing it down to your whole house. This is why people have been running their air conditioning system the whole day to prevent the home from heating from the top. Unluckily, even the efficient attic ventilation has failed to combat the heat brought in by asphalt roofs. Hence, it is definitely not the best summer roof.

How does metal roof make a difference?

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Now, it is time to compare the performance of a metal roof during summer to what you have seen from asphalt. In the first stance, you may think that metal get hot quickly and sure it does! Just like that pathetic metal slide present in the park that would solder your backside as you sat down on it because metal does absorbs heat.

But all the difference lies in the finish. The specialized coating done on every metal roofing Toronto helps in reflecting the heat rather than absorbing it. The coatings are done on the metal with different layers of paint, primer and other substance make it reflect all the heat and keep your attic cool.

You cannot give this type of protection to asphalt shingles as they will wear down and lose their color because of constant exposure to the sun. And, you surely don’t want that from your roofing material.
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Metal along with its coatings last for over 50 years and some come with an additional coating to make them last even longer. Different coatings have different reflectivity levels. The light colors reflect more effectively than dark colors. And, thus by reflecting the heat, a metal roof lowers the impact of heat from the sun.

Better heat reduction and energy savings from your metal roofing Toronto

AMT Roofing offers classic metal roofs engineered to withstand heat and other weather conditions. The metal roofing offers proper ventilation to fight convective heat. It lowers the impact of heat on your home. It has also shown amazing results in lowering your energy bills by 20%.

So, in a year, you can end up saving hundreds of dollars by simply choosing the best roof. It also extends the life of your air conditioning unit as it lowers its running duration.

So, if this summer you are looking forward to renovate your roof and beat the heat with metal roofing, then speak to a professional at AMT Roofing and get it installed now.