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Does more muscle make you stronger?

Almost every other young person you meet at the gym wants to be extra stronger. The ultimate goal for these groups of people is to develop more muscles, increase the size of their body, and become stronger.

While the craze for uniquely huge bodies and extra strength is understandable, the need to understand what leads to extra strength must be equally emphasized. 

Most people believe that larger muscles produce the most force. While that might be partly true, nothing can beat strength training. When you lift weights, your muscles will grow, and may actually end at that- big muscles.

However, if your aim is to get stronger in less time, consider building muscles using lower weights and higher reps. Bodybuilding reinforces the body mass, leaving you all but hugel built. Strength training, however, improves the overall muscle fibre quality. 

Larger muscles have some strength advantage

The huge muscles worn by bodybuilders and action movie stars can actually make them look like some immortal human beings from a different planet. The perception created by these comic-book-like superheroes is that big muscles translate to being strong and powerful. 

We can’t however dismiss the impact of these huge bodies and giant muscles. Larger muscle mass may sometimes provide a strength advantage. However, the performance goals of every individual will differ depending on the desired outcome. 

It all depends on an individual’s long term goals:

More muscle mass or more strength in the muscles?

Several studies conducted on random athletes and bodybuilders reveal that the large muscles on bodybuilders aren’t as strong as the ones on athletes. 

The reason for such unusual disparity is this:

Many athletes such as sprinters and weightlifters take part in sports that require high forces produced quickly. The focus for these athletes, therefore, is on increasing strength while other bodybuilders focus more on body mass. 

Muscles make you stronger

As mentioned earlier, there is a conspicuous difference between building muscle mass and building muscle strength. However, one thing remains crystal clear.

There exists an elaborate correlation  between building muscle mass and strength. The strength lies in the muscles, and increasing their mass ultimately increases their strength. 

The truth in all these, however, is:

You don’t get more or less muscles. What happens is that the muscles atrophy based on their specific use. Larger muscles mass and body size come with strength advantage. 

As a beginner in a weight training program, your muscles and strength will increase simultaneously. As you go on with the work out exercise, you can then choose between strength training program or muscle-building program. 

Strength vs size

We all have different goals for lifting the weights. However, if you intend to become stronger while gaining little muscle mass, there is a way around it.

Ensure you focus mainly on lifting heavy weights with fewer reps. Lighter weights with more reps will not only increase the muscle mass, but also add very little strength.


While lifting weights can be intimidating, the light weight equally won't prepare you for the exciting moments of lifting those heavy weights. It all depends on an individual’s mindset. Moreover, you can buy sarms supplements online and speed up the muscle strengthening process. 

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