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Does Strawberry Whipped Cream Exist? Find Out Here!

Strawberry whipped cream is another variant of the whipped cream recipe that many kids, dessert enthusiasts, or kitchen scientists have experimented with over the years. Eventually, thanks to the latest demands in food and flavors being combined into one dish or snack, strawberry whipped cream was mastered into its perfect form. This makes sure that the strawberry will be present with every scoop of your spoon, or with every spray of your whipped cream charger (if you want to place the whipped cream there).


In this article, you will learn the special steps needed to be taken to create this flavorful strawberry whipped cream. The steps that will be discussed below are just as simple as making homemade whipped cream. It’s just that there is a special addition to the steps and ingredient list, which you might have a clue about already.


Strawberry Whipped Cream Ingredients

Here are the following ingredients that you need to prepare to make the strawberry whipped cream:


4 cups heavy cream

1 cup confectioners’ sugar or powdered sugar (might need to add depending on the amount of strawberry added)

Strawberries, the more the better!

1 tsp vanilla extract


The amount of strawberries that you might want to add depends on you. If you want to achieve a flavorful strawberry whipped cream, it’s best to add like 7 to 10 strawberries based on the measurement of ingredients listed above. Since it’s a creamy strawberry flavor that you want to achieve, vanilla extract is not an optional ingredient for the list. But if there is no strawberry to buy at all, you can use strawberry flavoring or powder instead. Strawberry flavored milk also works well as an alternative.


Take note that the ingredients listed above might be added in measurement, depending on the flavor of your whipped cream. That’s why as a precaution it’s best to choose sweet strawberries, which can easily be seen if the color is very red. Overripe strawberries are the best choices for this dessert since their sweetness is just perfect for the creamy strawberry flavor that you would want to achieve.


As for the utensils that you’re going to prepare, you must have a food processor for the strawberry. Though you can use a masher if you don’t have a food processor, and it still works well for the preparation of your whipped cream. You also need a whisk or a mixer for whipping the cream and the rest of the ingredients together. A large bowl is needed for all of the ingredients, and a medium bowl is required for your strawberry if you are going to use a masher.


Preparing the Strawberry Whipped Cream

Preparing the strawberry whipped cream is very easy to do at all. If you know how to make whipped cream, then take note that there is only one simple step that you need to add to your recipe list. Here are the following steps:


1. Place strawberries in the food processor. Be sure to make the strawberry as ground as powder. As much as possible, there should be tiny to almost no chunks of strawberry on the mixture. Though natural strawberry whipped creams always have tiny chunks, and it’s given due to the texture of the fruit itself. If you do not have a processor, just mash the strawberries until there are no chunks left. Note that if there are no strawberries in your supermarket, you can use strawberry flavoring, powder, or milk instead. 


2. On a large bowl, start whipping the heavy cream with your whisk or mixer. While whipping, add up the ground strawberry/strawberry alternatives, then add the confectioners’ sugar and vanilla extract onto the mixture. Keep on whipping for 4 minutes until the cream looks foamy already. Be sure not to overmix, since butter might form and will force you to prepare a new set of ingredients once more. 


Optional: The Best Stabilizer for Your Strawberry Whipped Cream

Use 1/4 to 1/2 cup of powdered sugar if you want to make it more stable so then it won’t lose its form. The powdered milk is starchy enough to provide stability for your whipped cream even when placed in warm temperatures. But why not cornstarch? It’s simple, powdered sugar compliments well with strawberry to add sweetness and creaminess to it. If you want to make the whipped cream stabilized, and if you want to make it sweeter, this is the best stabilizing ingredient to use instead.


Strawberry whipped cream is one of the easiest desserts that you can prepare at home. Both adults and kids love this tasty treat, and gladly there are alternatives if strawberry is not a recommended choice to prepare the flavored whipped cream. So what are you waiting for? Start preparing your ingredients and that handy whisk/mixer of yours, and start working like that dessert enthusiast that you always dreamed of! If you don't want to spend the time and effort to whisk the cream in a bowl you could try using a whipped cream dispenser with nitrous oxide cream chargers. Just add the ingredients to the whipped cream dispenser when you are ready to whip it. Then add the N2O from the cream charger, shake a few times and press the trigger and out comes perfect fluffy whipped cream. It is just so simple it is no wonder why it is so popular.


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