Raise your hand if you think smelling good is more important than looking good? Though I am not able to see the raised hands but I am sure of the fact that many people are inclined towards this opinion and for them having good personal hygiene is on top of the list. Good personal hygiene does not just include regular bathing a few times a day, rather they want to invest their money in high quality products that would help them in feeling fresh and fragrant at the same time. These intimate hygiene products are extremely essential throughout the hot summer days when sweating is the only thing we do.

One of the products that is a must-have in your collection, if you are working on improving your body hygiene along with intimate hygiene, is a “feminine deodorant spray”.

So the most asked question is “what actually is a feminine deodorant? as most of the people are unaware of this term.

A feminine deodorant is a spray specially designed for your sensitive area to make it feel healthy and fresh at all times and is made with pure natural ingredients that help you with the problem of excessive sweating that may further cause foul body odour, or in some cases rashes in the inner thighs making it difficult for you to walk or sit for longer periods of time. Such things can pose great hindrances in your life and you are not able to focus on your goals or are not able to perform your daily life chores smoothly. You need to get rid of all the uncomfortable aspects in order to move on with life in a healthy manner and for that purpose, these amazing feminine deodorants are made with utmost care for the female anatomy.

Now comes the question of whether is it harmful to use or not?”


Everything has its pros and cons similarly this feminine deodorant spray has come with its own advantages with a very few disadvantages (may vary from skin to skin) that can go unnoticed most of the time.

So I decided to go for extensive research in order to get into all the depths of what are the odds of getting harmed by the regular use of this intimate deodorant spray. I consulted various physicians to get familiar with their different perspectives but surprisingly they all had a similar answer to my question.

I would happily like to declare it now in front of my lovely ladies that

 “NO! It is not harmful to use a feminine deodorant spray in your intimate area rather it can give you amazing results in a few days of regular usage”.

I know many of you would have let out a sigh of relief after knowing this. Well, to be honest, me too. As I have been using it for quite a long time and I was scared to find out the end results of my research. The doctors further suggested that All women need to have a feminine spray in their purses if they sweat excessively and their work demands sitting at one place for longer periods of time OR if they are habitual of working out daily and burning some calories, things can surely get a bit too messy down there, so keeping one with you at all times is a must.

Other reasons may include living in a hot city where the temperature is exceptionally unbearable and causes you to get sweat in between your legs. Making things worse for you.

Pregnancy is another roller coaster ride for every woman as they are going through a lot of changes in their bodies, the hormone levels are going up and down constantly, that can make you sweat a bit too much down there.  You cannot afford to be infected with the bacteria during such a crucial stage so we have a great news for all the pregnant ladies out there. The best thing about an intimate deodorant is that pregnant women can use it too without any fear of infections or allergies and can keep their hygiene standards up to the mark.

Now keeping all the good parts aside, There are some aspects you need to be much careful about when choosing a deodorant for your lady parts is the composition of it. What sort of ingredients are used in the deodorant spray? Strong Chemicals or completely organic? Are you allergic to any specific ingredients used in the manufacturing of the particular intimate deodorant? Would you be able to use it the right way?

After asking all these questions to yourself in your head you can go online and buy a perfect feminine deodorant. There are various websites that give an honest review of different products and those websites will definitely help you out in choosing the best one for yourself. OR if you are not an online person and do not believe what is written on the internet. You like to check things before investing your time and money into them, you can get your hands on really a good one from any drug store nearby your place.

Going through the whole thing you all must have got familiar to the point that I tried to make that is feminine deodorant sprays are “not at all harmful” for the health of your intimate areas, rather they help you in maintaining your hygiene. It helps you in keeping a balance in the ph down there and while using it be sure to not let it go inside your lady parts as it can cause a lot of irritation.

I hope it must have “debunked all the myths” circulating about intimate deodorants in your minds today because as vital as it may sound, a feminine deodorant spray is definitely a worth buying product for all the graceful ladies out there and it will surely help you in having the most confident and beautiful gait than everyone else.