Dog Collars - Function Equals Goals


Dog collars are the single most important purchase you will make for your dog. As your dog progresses through life, he will have purchased various types of dog collars to achieve particular goals. From when he was just a puppy to training for his adult collars.

With so many options of dog collars on the market, matching the objective with the function of the collar should be the first decision before buying. Whether your goal is training, fashion, or a place for labels, there are several options available. Once you've decided on the goal that you and your dog will work on, you need to determine the proper setting.

The general rule of thumb for a proper fit is two fingers of space between the collar and your dog's neck, but not loose enough that your dog can move outside of the collar.

The standard sizes of dog collars are:

X-small / small - 7 "to 11" (2-12 pounds)
Medium - 11 "to 15" (10-45 lbs.)
Large - 15 "to 22" (40-120 pounds)
X-Large: 19 "to 29" (100-200 lbs.)
While there are always exceptions to the rule, you should use a tape measure for your dog. Wrap the tape tightly around your dog's neck, and then place two fingers under the tape. This will ensure a proper fit and provide the proper length when you make your purchase.
The first goal of every pet owner should be to purchase a collar on which to hang their dog tags. When your dog is still a puppy, it is wise to purchase an inexpensive collar for this purpose, as it will quickly outgrow it. Once your dog is fully grown, you will have the opportunity to purchase a collar from a wide range of options, from leather dog collars to trendy and spiked collars. This is where a pet owner can have fun and purchase a collar that matches their dog's personality.

When training is your goal, the options get a bit more complicated. Taking your dog for a walk can be a lesson in disaster if he has bought the wrong collar. A leather buckle type dog collar offers almost no help in training a dog to walk, while improper use of a choke collar can cause harm to your dog.

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A dog choke collar, either nylon or chain, will damage your dog's throat if not used correctly. The choke should be placed high on your dog's neck, just below the ears and requires two hands on the leash when walking to maintain position. When you place the collar on your dog stand in front of the dog, the collar should look like the letter "P" and then slide onto the collar.

The pinch Cuban Dog Collar or tooth collar, while more like a Mid-Evil torture device, is actually safer than a choke collar as it puts even pressure on the neck. The concept behind the tips is to give your dog a pinch around his neck, which resembles her mother's teeth when she grabs the back of the puppy's neck. These collars can be very effective for training large, strong breeds where the owner is weaker than the dog if used correctly. However, if your dog is constantly pulling and tugging on the leash, this is probably not the best option, a body harness will give your dog a chance to learn at your pace without choking.

Electronic dog collars also have their place in achieving training goals. There are two targets, one for controlling excessive barking and one for roaming or radio fencing. No matter how well you have socialized your dog, some dogs simply refuse to be good neighbors, barking continuously while in the yard.

The idea of ​​electronic collars in this circumstance is that when your dog barks uncontrollably, you press a button that produces a "shock." Over time, they will learn to behave properly when they are in the yard. Radio fencing has become quite popular, as many new subdivisions do not allow standard fencing. When your dog gets too close to the wire, it gives him a shock. This can work well if your dog likes to roam around the garden, however a bloodhound breed's instincts will take over and they will chase after anything smaller than they are. This type of dog collar will keep him from coming home when he calms down.

Martingale collars offer a good alternative to strangler collars while providing some of the same benefits. They provide the convenience of adjustable size with the safety of a limited-range choke. A slight tug on the leash tightens the collar without suffocating the dog. Martingale leashes sometimes referred to as "dog show collars" are a

There are so many types of dog collars to choose from these days. This can make it difficult to purchase a dog collar for your dog. This article will describe different types of collars and what they are used for to help you decide which type of collar is best for your adorable pooch. First of all, you will want to consider what type of necklace would be best for what you need it for. For example, just walking, training, waterproof or safety, whatever the case. You may need to purchase more than one dog collar for different purposes.

The common standard type dog collar is simply a collar that wraps around your dog's neck with a buckle or clip to close, it will have a metal ring for your tags. There is nothing fancy or difficult to adjust. These dog collars are great and come in a variety of colors and styles. There are so many that you can get different to have a variety for your dog.
Nylon dog collars are by far the strongest collars available. They are very sturdy and will last a long time. They also come in a reflective type collar to keep your pet safe at night.

Adjustable collars come in many styles and colors as well. These are easy to use and allow you to make them smaller or larger as your dog grows. This dog collar is ideal for your new puppy so you can adjust it as he grows until he needs a new, larger one.

Adjustable Cinch-It collars can be easily adjusted with one hand. It is micro-adjustable to give you the perfect fit. They are ideal for outdoor dogs with an active lifestyle. They resist water, odors and stains. The dog collar comes in very bright colors for easy viewing of your dog.

Leather dog collars can give your dog a classy look and come in many colors with or without designs and studs. Choose one that is very comfortable, the leather will soften with the oils from your dog's skin.

Dog training collars are ideal for training dogs that have specific unwanted behaviors. They are safe when used correctly and are very effective. There are many types of this dog collar; there is the barking collar for excessive dog barking. There is the type of shock and spray for your dog's specific training.

The halter neck is used for walks where the use of a leash is required. When your dog pulls on the leash, he will not choke him because the halter fits over the shoulders and chest. The weight of the pull will be evenly distributed over this area.

Designer collars are for fashionable dog owners. If the owner is on trend, this collar is something they wish their dog was on trend too. They are made of nylon or leather with colorful designs to match your outfit or your teacher's outfit.

Since a dog collar is one of the most popular dog accessories on the market today, buying the right one for your dog is simple. It is good to have an idea of ​​the type of necklace you are looking for. You may find that you need something more specific for your dog, as well as a standard collar. With so many dog ​​collars to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect one for your special pet.