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Don't Waste Time! 10 Facts So You Can Sell Your Property Fast


If you plan to sell your home, you don't want to list it and have it on the market for years on end. To ensure your property sells quickly, you need to make sure you take the necessary steps that will get it noticed in the listings. Below are some things you should not do if you want to ensure your property sells. For best results, they should be done before your property is listed on a site such as SPFC.


1. Don't Forget Curb Appeal


When it comes to selling your home, never underestimate how important curb appeal is with getting potential buyers interested. When potential buyers see a well-maintained exterior, they will automatically assume the owners took care of the inside as well. Some things to do before listing your house include trimming your trees, pressure washing dirty and moldy surfaces, hosing down your walkways and laying fresh mulch.


2. Don't Be Frugal With Photos


Aside from the actual tour of your home, many potential buyers are going to gain interest in the photos you post online. In this day and age, many people begin their search for a new home on the internet. Have a professional photographer come in and get the best shots possible.


3. Make Necessary Repairs


Many people who have lived in the same home for years might not be aware of certain things that need to be fixed. Get a fresh pair of eyes in your home to find any areas that stand out and may need to be repaired or replaced. When potential buyers see too many flaws during a walk-through, they may decide to move on to the next home for fear of buying a renovation nightmare.


4. Be Honest During The Selling Process


Not everyone wants to put work and money into fixing up their home before they list it on the market. If this is what your plan is, be honest and upfront about any issues your home has to potential buyers. Failure to do this may result in a deal falling through after the home inspection.


5. Keep Home Clear Of Personal Touches


When your real estate agent shows your home to prospective buyers, the walk-through is a time for them to try and envision themselves in the space. For some, this can be difficult when the home is filled with personal belongings. Before your home is listed, remove things around the house like photographs, collections and toys.


6. Keep Open Mind With Low Offers


If you want to get your house sold quickly, you're going to have to keep an open mind when it comes to low offers. It may be easy to get offended with low-ball offers, but you need to take your emotions out of the process and approach each offer like it's a business decision. Doing this will allow room for negotiation and a quicker sale.


7. Stay Away During Showings


Nothing can be more awkward for potential buyers than having the owners hanging around during a walkthrough. It is best to be gone before they even arrive so there is no uneasiness while potential buyers are rummaging around through your home. Allow your real estate agent to handle the showing on their own.


8. Keep Closing Costs In Mind


When you sell your home, you need to keep the cost of closing in mind. These costs will include things such as the commission for your real estate agent, attorney fees, inspections and other costs that are necessary to get your home sold quickly.


9. De-Clutter Your Space


Potential buyers will have a hard time getting a good idea of what the home will be like to live in if your home is full of clutter. Excessive appliances, overstuffed closets and too much clutter around the home can make it difficult to visualize the full potential of your property during walkthroughs.


10. Listen To Your Agent


During your quest to sell your home quickly, listen to any advice your real estate agent may suggest. Their knowledge and experience can be used to find ways to get your home sold more easily and for a better price. They can offer suggestions such as what to repair, what to clean, how to enhance your curb appeal and suggest ways to stage the space for showings.

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