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Dos and Don’ts of Effective Web Design Revealed

Whether you are working on a new website or just planning to hire a website designing company there are a few particular elements which you need to keep in your mind. For a non-technical person who wants a blog or just a website always talks about the traffic and sales for its business. He may ask you for flashy logos, bright colors, high textures, big fonts etc. but it’s the duty of a Web designer and developer to keep a site interactive in order to steer the visitors in their desired direction.

Wondering!!! What should be kept in mind and what shouldn’t? Well to give you a sigh of relief here we are going to talk about the dos and don’ts of effective web design. Read this content thoroughly till the end as it will help you in designing a user-friendly website in the future.

DO: Structure of Page

The structure of a page in a website plays an important role in keeping the visitors engaged. In order to make the grid system lighter, you can keep it to the 1KB grid. You can keep the balance perfect by using examples of magazines or newspaper layouts.

DON’T: Avoid Unnecessary Placement of Boxes

Never use unnecessary boxes while designing a site. You cannot insert 20+ boxes for no reasons that too with zero alignments. This will never grab the attention of your visitors and rather make them more frustrated. Being a professional web designer you cannot place the items in an unstructured way.

DO: Emphasize on Specialty

If you are working on a website that sells only one product then priority should be on the home page first. Create a space on the inner pages and place CTA (call-to-action) for that specific item that you sell. If you are creating a blog then make sure that a particular product gets the proper attention and focus.

DON’T: Never use irrelevant ads to your page

If you are making your mind in to make money from your blog or a website then firstly you need to remove those excessive and irrelevant advertisements from your page. Believe it or not, if your website has 70% ads and only 30% content then chances are absolutely high that visitors will leave your site within the fractions of seconds and will never think of coming back. Don’t just fill your web page with just the ads. It is a bad practice.

DO: Pick the good color scheme

A well-established web designer will always focus on the type of users that particular website has which he is designing. He will for sure use the proper color scheme depending on the nature of the business. You must know this that rock bands and music sites always utilize the colors like blue, black, yellow and pink but a doctor and professional always stick to the lighter colors. So you should understand your audience first.

DON’T: Never use 20 types of colors

Your colors should not be presented in such a way that it makes it difficult for the users to understand the screen. Never annoy your readers with a combination of more than 20 colors. If you are not picking a good color scheme then things will clash. Keep the color scheme with a maximum of 5 colors and you will see how your design will leave a positive impact.

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DO: Pages Should Be Easy To Scan By The Users

It is a fact that visitors never prefer to spend more than 5 minutes to find out what exactly your website all about. Being a professional web designing services provider you should ensure that the right information reaches to your readers with correct navigation. You can use H tags to highlight the important items first. However, you can also use images, block quotes and pull quotes.

DON’T: Never Create A Paragraph Having 1,000+ Words Long

It is something that halts the visitors from subscribing a blog or a newsletter is the posts having more than 1000+ words without any paragraph break, headings, and subheadings. This clearly shows that this content is placed unnecessary and there is nothing important in the content to read. Never forget to break the content.

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DO: Loading Time Should Be Optimized

This is something which everyone wants in a website. These days’ visitors are hates to wait for a website to load. It should be on your priority to make your website speedy by allowing your pages to load within just 1 or 2 seconds. You can even make it AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) friendly. The optimization of the speed can be done by compressing the CSS files; Google hosted JavaScript and removing any irrelevant heavy sized images.

DON’T: Never create an image for everything

No need to make the blocks for text using the JPG images. Making your website background with the size 1MB or more will also cause your website to load like slow. Never use 2 different JavaScript library with more than 10 number of plugin scripts in the header as this will add more 20 seconds in the loading time.

DO: Pick the right fonts with sizes

You must be aware of this crucial aspect that picking the right fonts with the perfect size is a basic of a website designing. Keep the titles in the sections in its appropriate size with the decent fonts that leave the great effect on the visitors while viewing your website. You should stick to one main font for the content part and can choose a different font for the titles of a web page. This will enhance the experience of the users for sure and keep them engaged too.

DON’T: Never use 5 dissimilar fonts in 10 various sizes

Want to see an ugly web page? Well, make your page title in Times New Roman, Text in Arial, CTA in Comic Sans and sidebar in Impact. This is an amalgamation of an awful website from which you should keep yourself away. Remember never use 5 dissimilar fonts 10 different sizes.

Final Words

Undoubtedly, it is not possible to remember all the essential points but you can make a checklist for these points or even consult your SEO expert fellow that will help you in preparing a good quality website. It is fine to miss some basic points which can be rectified later on but it important to create a smooth and admirable experience shopping experience followerwonk for your site visitors who are coming to your website with a motive to buy.

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