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Dos And Don'ts Of Game Development

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It is true that you can’t just make games and expect them to blow the minds of people. After all,developing brand new games is a continuous process and you need to stay updated by learning about game technology. You should hone your skills so as to provide more fun to smartphone users.

Developing mobile games is a crucial part of mobile apps and it is taken quite seriously by expert mobile game developers in India. Without wasting anymore time and let us delve into the post and know about the do’s and don'ts in game development that will help your game get more chances of success-


Take Time in Brainstorming - It is essential for you not to rush into making any game with an ambiguous idea. You should choose the right game idea and then polish it as this can serve as the base of your foundation.

Get as Much Help & Assistance - It is ok to ask for assistance, if you aren’t able to do a part of the job. There may be times when you will get stuck at any part of the game development process and if you are selling the game as a product, then it is important for you to know what your users like and dislike.

Communicate and Socialize - There has been a notion among many that game development is for those nerds who sit all day on a pc. But this notion is completely wrong because it’s more than pc’s and you must be social.

You should make connections, acquaintances and also assist other game developers online via joining forums. Discuss your game development on popular social platforms and promote your new game there.

Make Your Game Unique - Nowadays, people expect fun and interesting games and your game should be different from the rest. It is not wrong to be inspired by others but in the end your creativity should be visible in that particular game.

For instance, if you are very fond of a racing game and like its gameplay and stuff, then put your own creativity by making the racer run in sand or water. Make amazing racing cars or whatever your racers altogether with totally different design. Now you would ‘ve got an idea about how to sketch your idea on the paper.

Market Your Games - So, you have successfully made an awesome game that you are confident will be a huge hit. You published it on various marketplaces, and waited for downloads to increase, but only a few people downloaded it, because no one heard about its announcement.

You should understand that in this highly competitive marketplace, do you really think  zero marketing will work? Make a budget that will help you reach more users and enthusiastic gamers. Doing so, will definitely enhance your game’s prospects among audiences.


Avoid Exaggerating in the Description - One of the worst mistakes that most game developers make is to exaggerate in the description. Avoid using free assets too and don’t expect that people will allured to these phrases such as- HD graphic game as this will only lead to distrust among users for you, that in turn will lead to negative marketing.

Never Ignore the UI- You must have noticed that the games irrespective of having amazing graphics aren’t able to engage the users. This often happens because the developers ignore the User Interface and just use a simple or plain UI. Therefore it is important to correct your UI, as it is vital to the game and navigation purposes.

Stop Publishing Unpolished Games - What could possibly be worse than publishing a lousy game. Many developers often publish bad products on the play store and expect people to play them.

Only publish those games which are fully polished and decent enough for the users.  It should be noted that this only applies to mobile games and not for all games.

Stop Neglecting Previous Games - Most developers are so busy developing new game, that they don’t even care what happened to their previous ones. and they don’t even bother to fix bugs

When you create a new game , have you ever thought about what happened to the previous ones? Some developers might lose fans and players because they  neglect old games and focus on the new ones. They should also get back to previous games and try to fix bugs and update them regularly. It is a fact that the updated games xcite the players and want them to play it regularly.

Whether it is an iOS game development services or Android, they have to be taken seriously. According to the reviews of mobile market, those who don’t regularly update their games lose their grip on the users and might be at risk to get edged out of the race altogether.


It's vital for you to make something that feels it has been already there like other games. It's natural that people experience something new and don’t care for the design, that in turn will increase the attention of the user. Isn’t it obvious though! But still is ignored by most of the game developers. It is necessary to innovate and break a whole new ground.

You should also think that there will always be someone better than you. It is not to demoralize you but ego can easily put a halt in your growth just because you don’t accept your shortcomings. Be honest with yourself and keep an open mind about your and other game developers.

Last but not the least, your goal shouldn't be to make loads of money. You must understand that this is a creative field and should be treated as a top priority if you have to reach maximum audiences. It doesn’t matter whether you are an independent developer or a business, this is probably your greatest advantage.

Push your personal limits, try new genres, mechanics, and try to push your personal limits. Don't be scared of failure as you will only learn from your mistakes. Afterall, experimenting a lot and taking risks are the keys to growing as a fine game developer.

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My name is Albert Franklin and  I am writing blogs related to various mobile app development services including iOS and Android . These further advancements in technology are really helpful in the growth of our business.




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