Dos and Don’ts of the Digital Marketing Techniques


With smartphones housing the chunk of the online buyers, a business should ensure that it upgrades its digital marketing techniques every year. The consumer trends play an important role in devising marketing strategies. Moreover, the algorithms which predict consumer behaviour are also gaining popularity because it lends a future-oriented touch to your strategies. Some research about various online platforms helps you plan your investment for digital marketing accordingly. Some basic Dos and Don’ts of digital marketing are listed below:

Some Dos:

  • Do optimize your websites for smartphones and mobile devices. Work to provide mobile apps for the same. With smartphone-savvy customers crossing the 2.7 billion mark, it makes sense to optimize your business website for smart devices. There are scores of payment options available for the smartphone user, which makes it convenient for them to shop with just a swipe of a finger. Tap into this potential customer base by making your website mobile responsive.
  • Do invest in creating your own mobile app. This helps you provide rich customer experience, besides allowing room for customization in your marketing strategy. About 50% of the web traffic is contributed by the mobiles. Tap into this resource by your innovative mobile app.
  • Do increase your reach on the World Wide Web. Being there on social media is a mandatory rule for employing your social media marketing strategies. Besides your traditional marketing methods, social media marketing helps build your online customer base. Share videos on social media websites regularly to hold discussions and build a customer base. This is statistically proven that the majority of the online audience is interested in watching videos than reading the text.

    Some Don’ts:
  • Don’t rely on bots for a total interaction with the online customer. Although the statistics showcase that customers prefer to interact with bots when researching, it is good to overlook such bot-interaction. So that, whenever a probable customer seeks information out of the bot’s scope, the personnel overlooking can take over the matter. It is always good to have personnel overlooking the conversation with a probable customer as bots are often known to misinterpret the customer queries.
  • Don’t ignore customer complaints while interacting on social media. Social media is a platform the online customers use to bring forward their concerns or complaints. Employing bots for conversing with the customers may often result in losing the customer base because everybody is watching you on social media.
  • Don’t outsource your digital marketing job to uncertified or unverified professionals. Chances are they create a spam backlink to your website and you get penalised by Google. Always choose professional digital marketing services which do not indulge in such spam linking practice. Besides the inbound link, outbound links to spam websites may also be penalised. Check some websites they have marketed for spam linking, to know if the marketing firm indulges in such practise.
  • A trusted and reputed digital marketing company in Panchkula will be able to provide in-depth guidance regarding marketing trends, search engine optimization rules, and devising your digital marketing plans for the year.

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