Dr Cheryl Pruitt tells Importance of Environmental Education


In today's society, education is the foundation for everything, including the environment. Environmental education teaches people about the current state of the environment and its prospects for the future. It teaches people to investigate all environmental issues and engage in intelligent environmental preservation practices Dr Cheryl Pruitt. A handful of schools have taken the lead in providing both practical and theoretical understanding about the effects of human activities on the environment. They take students out of the classroom and have them participate in activities such as gardening, watering plants, and meditation in neighborhood parks, among other things. The only way to get the brightest minds to work productively is via education.

The natural environment is under assault in this day. Various Flora and Fauna species are on the edge of extinction, and the air we inhale, the water we drink, and the food we eat are all polluted or contaminated. We can make future generations more aware of environmental issues by including environmental studies as a particular topic in schools and higher education. We can also motivate them to find innovative methodologies for the future to protect nature by including environmental studies as a subject in schools and higher education. Here are some of the reasons why environmental education should be integrated into the learning years.

·         Awareness

We require awareness in order to take any steps toward maintaining our environmental surroundings, which can only come from researching topics relating to our ecosystems. What are the elements that make up the universe? What are the various plant and animal species? What can we do to ensure their long-term viability? What does it mean to be sustainable, and how can you attain it? Only by learning about the environment and putting that information into practice will we be able to answer all of these issues as per Dr Cheryl Pruitt.

·         Sustainability


A sustainable type of resource use today would ensure that future generations' needs are covered by the earth's resources. Natural resources will be depleted far too quickly for future generations to subsist at the current rate of use. Our irresponsible exploitation of these resources will be passed down to future generations to pay the consequences in the eyes of Cheryl Pruitt. Environmental education enables people to comprehend the consequences of over-exploitation and to respond accordingly.

·         Health Benefits

Depletion of the environment has an impact on both physical and mental health. These, on the other hand, can thrive if we spend more time in nature. One of the most appealing aspects of this sort of education is that it takes place outside of a traditional classroom setting. Students who would not have spent this time outside otherwise benefit from the peace and healing benefits of nature. Eco-therapy is the term for treatment using natural methods as told by Cheryl Pruitt. It aids in the recovery of depressed people, the treatment of cardiac problems, the maintenance of blood pressure, the lengthening of sleep, and the improvement of vision, among other things. It's a well-known truth that people who live in close proximity to nature are more likely to be healthy.

·         Artistic Imagination

Artists prefer to work in places with natural settings to create their masterpieces. Poetry, painting, sculpture, and other forms of art are all creations of the imagination. Nature is more often than not the source of such creative effort. Environmental education can assist people in recognizing their inner artists. It has the potential to influence today's generation to make safer and better decisions. One would be more familiar with natural disaster rescue drills, as well as how to better utilize one's greens, which can accomplish things that no medicine can, and so on. Environmental Education is one of those subjects that forewarns you about all the things that can go wrong.