Dr Shilpi Behl is one of Delhi Top Dentist and Smile Makeover Specialist


Dr Shilpi Behl, the top rising dentist in India


Self-love is the greatest of all, love. Smiling is the best way to love and take care of yourself. Cosmic treatments help you to smile and love yourself even better. Dr Shilpi Behl, the Avana Dentistry director, is an expert in cosmetology and plastic surgery. Moreover, she is a specialist in a smile makeover, filters, Botox and aesthetic facial treatments. She always believes and tells her patients "to love themselves unconditionally and look their best version". 


She is the senior dentist and facial aesthetics specialists at Avana. Since childhood, she has been an achiever and achieved numerous awards during school days. She holds the first position in BDS. In 2016 she received the "Best Dentist" award from Brand achievers. In the same year, she was awarded the Nav Karan award as the youngest achiever in India. Her work in the field of dentistry and cosmetology is amusing, and it also earns more glory for India. Due to her excellence, she was also named as the "Aesthetic Pandit" and "facial Architect". Avana is proud to describe them as "Aesthetic Pandit" due to its cosmetic and dental chain that has an international presence. 


The advancements in facial and dental aesthetics provide versatile solutions for facial issues. The enhanced "Dento-Facial Rejuvenation" solution enables holistic and conservative treatment philosophy. Dr Behl also conceptualized the idea of global tourism for dental. These programs carter the various dental needs of people around the globe through advanced dental technology. She treats patients with high-end technologies by providing them with one of a kind experience. 


Due to the result of her sincere effort, intelligence and skilful execution Quality treatment is provided for the patient across the globe. At Avana, patients are provided with the best cosmetic and dental services. Dr Behl uses the art of science to transform the lives of clients by fulfilling their facial dreams. Her patients love the way she treats them and takes care of them. Moreover, they find it easy to communicate with her about all their dental problems. 


Dr Behl has actively participated in the world dental tour for over 13 years. She also has many successfully running clinics across Delhi, Gurgaon and Dubai. The Avana dentistry and its clinical art have impressed numerous Bollywood stars, cricketers and VIP clients. They also praise Dr Behl for her experience and her expertise in the field. The surgeries and treatments offered by her are top-notch. Also, the treatment is provided with quality, enhanced equipment and ambience. Dr Shilpi has also been rewarded for her amusing works and also received various appreciations for her achievements. 

The world dental tour is mainly organized to boost people's spirit to love them more. Through her noble work, she provides affordable treatments for the patient and thinks about the client's welfare. 


Dr Shilpi Behl is not only admired for her professionalism but also for her good nature. She is a humble, honest person who takes part in numerous good works. Also, she works for oral cancer missions in India to treat the patients with the best dental services. Dr Behl takes part in numerous charitable works internationally. Mainly she treats war patients in Yemen who are suffering from several war injuries. She is a counsellor for young talented dentists in India. Not only for students, but she also gives training for medical professionals.


 If you have any desires to enhance your facial look, then Dr Behl At Avana is the best consultant in India to provide you with excellent treatment. You can consult her about your dental issues and receive painless dental and facial treatments.

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