Friday, September 29, 2023
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Dragon Quest 11: The Game Now Offers 16-Bit Graphics Option on Switch

Dragon Quest 11 is considered one of the best 2018 RPG games, with fans across the globe and millions of copies sold worldwide.

The famous title is now set to be included for Nintendo Switch users to experience this retro-style game and relive their memories of childhood gaming.

Dragon Quest 11 is going to be renamed for the Nintendo Switch users as Dragon Quest 11: Echoes of an Elusive Age S. Moreover it would be refurbished with some additional features, and most importantly the Nintendo Switch users can experience the game in 16-bit graphics.

Capability to switch between HD visuals and 16-bit graphics is an innovative feature which allows players to change between the modern and retro appeal of the game. Many would arguably choose the HD graphics to play the game, but others may feel 16-bit as a novelty and feel relatable to the game.

Anywho, the game is capable of satisfying any domain of gamers and with the inclusion of new soundtrack, new storyline and option to speed up battles and can be considered as USP for the title.

Dragon Quest 11 is presented as an ultimate edition for the title, and indeed by overviewing the title, it can be considered as a possible hit for 2019. Still, the hardcore Dragon Quest fans have to wait for a little while for the JRPG epic as it is planned to be released later in 2019 and no fixed date is announced yet.

Dragon Quest 11 has proven to be in the top selling games for 2018 and is considered amongst the top-notch RPG games, which makes the inclusion of Dragon Quest 11 into the Nintendo Switch much more exciting.

Many game reviewers and fans have claimed this title as a must play and indeed including it to Nintendo Switch is undoubtedly a pleasant surprise for Switch users. Nintendo Switch is gradually growing its list of available games, and experiencing games like Dragon Quest, and Tetris is making Nintendo Switch users very delighted.

Nintendo is trying to introduce all the retro hits for its consoles users, and seeing games like Tetris and Dragon Quest included to Switch is quite impressive. Alongside the Dragon Quest 11 presentation, two other titles were also disclosed.

The two new titles are the Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 9 which are popular classic retro games, and fans are very thrilled to know more about them. Let’s see how well will these new games perform amongst the Switch users.

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