Monday, September 25, 2023
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Drawbacks Of Online Classes And Tips To Avert Those

The new normal in learning has increased the usage of online tools for studying. The pandemic triggered new methods of learning. All over the world, universities and colleges look at online platforms for continuing the process of education to students.


From taking online classes to giving assignments, everything is happening online. Students are also taking homework help from professionals due to the arrival of such an unprepared situation. For every student and many universities, it is a new method to educate that had to be adopted by them. With these methods of teaching, online studying has some negatives. Understanding and deciding such drawbacks can help students to create strategies for effective adaptation to these situations. It will also ensure an uninterrupted journey of learning for them.


1.      Unable to focus on screens


For most of the students, the biggest challenge of learning online includes their struggle while focusing on laptop/computer screens for a long time. With online classes, there can be also a high chance of getting distracted with social media or other things. So the teachers must keep the online lectures crisp, interactive and engaging so that students can stay focused on their lesson.


2.      Technology related hinderances 


One more drawback of online classes can be internet connectivity. Though the penetration of the internet is growing in leaps and bounds from the last few years, still for small towns and cities, a consistency in network connection for teachers and students along with a good speed can be an issue. With a lack of consistency in network connection for students, there will be a lack of continuity to learn. It is detrimental to the process of education.


3.      Sense of isolation


Students learn quite much if they are in the company of their classmates. But in the case of online classes, there is hardly any physical interaction. This usually results in a sense of isolation for many students.

In such circumstances, the college must have other forms of communication facility between peers, students, and professors. This may involve video conferencing, emails, and online messages that can help in face-to-face interaction for reducing this sense of isolation.


4.      Teacher training 


In online learning, the teachers must be technology-friendly along with a basic knowledge to use digital forms to learn. But this isn’t always the case; the teachers quite often have basic knowledge of technology. Many times, they do not have the essential tools and resources for conducting online classes.


For combating such a situation, universities and colleges must invest the teachers in training with the innovative technology updates in order to help them in conducting online lectures easily.


5.      Lack of discipline among students


The responsibility of the professors is to guide students to become disciplined. What if the rules given to them are disregarded? Usually, in the online class, students were assigned many assignments and a deadline and they don’t pass this intentionally, they generally take lightly the instructions and rules given by the professors. While in a physical class, teachers are capable of talking to them in private while verifying if the excuses made by them are right.


To cope up with this situation, colleges must arrange a weekly or monthly meeting with the parents or guardians. By this, the fear of getting scold will be there among students before making ill excuses. It will also help them to stay disciplined and enhance their performance.


6.      Manage screen time 


Many guardians are concerned regarding the health hazards as their children are spending much time staring at the screen. This sudden increase of screen time is the highest concern as well as drawback of online classes. Many times, these students develop a bad posture along with other physical issues because of being hunched in front of the screen.


7.      Issue of time variations 


Students taking online classes should plan as well as adjust the schedules for meeting the deadline set by the teachers. This problem is a big issue for those having alternate schedules. There can be critical lag time between your works.This problem can be solved by making a timetable. Proper scheduling is very important especially in online class so that your time can be managed well.


Due to this pandemic, almost every college and university is using technologies to help their students to learn. The college must have other forms to communicate between peers, students, and professors. But there are many drawbacks of this method. Some have been listed above along with the tips to cope up with such a situation. Students can also think of taking assignment help online as they are feeling pressurized and fail to manage their time effectively. For every student and many universities, it is a totally new method to educate that had to be adopted by them. So it is important to stay disciplined to make this learning journey advantageous.

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