Drinking Water At A Larger Scale With Each Passing Day?

Drinking Water

Nearly 70 % of human body is composed of water and it is essential for our day to day needs. If lack of water occurs it can lead to dehydration which can be life-threatening. Though there is considerable debate on the amount of water you need to consume on a day to day basis, an 8 by 8 standard rule suffices. In reducing high-calorie drinks like soda with water would reduce appetite and help to curb weight. A commercial RO Plant would provide purified water at your workplace, but still, there are some creative ways to increase the intake of water.

Clearly, understanding the amount of water that you should drink on a daily basis

For men, it is about 4 liters of water and in case of women, it is 2.5 liters of water daily as per scientific evidence available. Be aware that 20 % of our water intake is obtained from food and the remaining 80 % from water and other beverages. Though the amount of plain water that you need to dry for optimal dehydration would vary from one person to another. The most important aspect is to increase the intake of water daily which might force you to drink more water. Do follow the below suggestions to increase the intake of water

Carry water on the move

If you have your own water supply with you drinking water seems to be a no brainer. If you have accessible water it would make you sip water rather than soda or drinks. The best way to achieve this would be to chug in a bottle of water when you wake up.

Set reminders

In setting up reminders or alarms you can drink water in an hour. Develop a few personal triggers for drinking water. One of the ideas that can be formulated is to substitute your coffee or tea break with a glass of water. This adds up water to your daily routine and there is no need to set a break.

Installation of water purifier or cooler at your office

If pure drinking water is available at your premises you are more likely to sip in water throughout the day. When water is available in front of you the task of going to the kitchen at every possible juncture may seem to be disconcerting.

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Clearly figure out that nothing can replace the water

If you are a habitual drinker of soft drinks or alcohol then try to substitute it with water. Be aware that nothing can take the place of water.

You can replace at least one of the drinks with water every day. Just consider a glass of water during the day keeping aside a vanilla shake. With your lunch, you can commit to a glass of water keeping the can of soda aside. At all parties keep away from alcohol-related beverages.

To conclude, water is part and parcel of our lives. These are some essential tips on how to increase drinking water.