Drive Traffic to Your Store with Shopify Google Shopping App


Imagine you are having a wide range of products in your Shopify store and you have zero knowledge about the right channels to list them on. There is no need to worry because here are the quick steps.

A well-crafted product feed is important for all eCommerce business owners to drive sales and improve profit margins. There are two things you need when starting an eCommerce business: Product Feeds and SEO. Product feeds are the foundation of your online store; they connect all your products with different search engines. 


If there is no product feed, customers won’t be able to find you, this will leave potential sales on the table and turn off visitors that came on from your pay-per-click ads. Shopping Feed App like FeedGeni's Product Feed Generator can help you with the same with minimal manual efforts. 


Why do you need a Product Feed Generator?


Having a store on Shopify gives you the option to sell products through a system that not only creates products but also sells them to the customers through various online channels. The best part is that your store can be completely managed through the Shopify Admin Panel, which helps in maintaining transparency and compliance with the shopping carts. 


So, when you go to promote your products on various online shopping platforms, you need to make sure that the customer is well aware of the offer and can buy it easily. Choosing a Product Feed to Build Your Online Presence The shopify google shopping app enables you to automatically create the product feed for your Shopify store by giving the details about your products and even tagging them to create a complete shopping experience.


A product feed is an XML or CSV file that provides information about your products. A product feed can be submitted to a shopping channel, so when a buyer searches for some of your products, they will appear in search results. So, When you use this app to generate feeds, your product feeds will always be up to date and accurate!

What is the Google Shopping?

With Google Shopping, you can show your ads on the Google search results page or the Google shopping search results page. While both options can attract customers looking for a product to purchase, Google Shopping provides additional visibility for your brand.


Google Shopping is a great tool to increase your product sales and to get more exposure to your product in front of the buyers on Google Search. The Product Feed Generator helps you in generating optimized Google Shopping Feeds that give the results whenever a search is made by a buyer on Google. It is an easy and intuitive tool. 


How does FeedGeni's Product Feed Generator work for your store?


The Product Feed Generator is a one-stop solution that helps in building a single feed of all the products your Shopify store is carrying out. The process is simple – A person is going to search for something and he will find your products. This makes sense, right?

Ability to sell on multiple shopping channels

Feed Generator App is designed to connect with more than 30 shopping engines in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and other countries. Support multiple shopping channels, such as Amazon, Google Shopping Feed (All regions), Bing Shopping, Facebook feed, Instagram feed, and many more.

Track Feeds Performance using Analytics

The performance of the products you carry can be monitored on each shopping channel using the analytics of the product feed tool. This enables you to identify and differentiate profitable products and also the products that aren’t profitable. Using this you can stock on the grossing products.

Multiple Attributes to Sync

When you have to update each shopping feed manually, it's tough to be precise and accurate, which means you're not presenting shoppers with your products' complete and accurate information. Product Feed Generator syncs product attributes automatically so that you can focus on growing your store instead of managing information.

Do Bulk Edit

FeedGeni has a bulk editor that will help you when doing changes in bulk. Whether you are editing for price changes or simply adding new information, FeedGeni's powerful bulk editor makes it a snap. FeedGeni allows you to select multiple products at once.


Manage Less Static Catalogues

There are some special product catalogs that require frequent changes, like the apparel with multiple colors, sizes, occasions, and prices. These items tend to change very quickly and it would be really troublesome to update them manually. With Product Feed Generator automatically optimized feeds can save time and money through decreased feed maintenance costs and zero human errors.

How much time will it take to create and install my feed?

The Shopify Product Feed Generator takes just a few minutes to set up and requires no knowledge of Shopify or eCommerce in general.


All you need to do is to install the Product Feed Generator on your store and create an account on FeedGeni. Once you complete the registration process, choose the Shopify Product Feed Generator option, form the apps section and generate your feed on the go. 


What are the steps involved in the process?  to create a basic feed Enter a Feed Name, Choose a Shopping Channel, Select the Required Categories of Products, Add Product Filtering and you are good to go. Wait for 10-15 mins and the product feed file will be created. As Simple as That!


ConclusionGetting the right exposure is critical to becoming a successful Shopify merchant. Sometimes, a simple change in listing format can change everything. Whether you are a new seller or a seasoned seller.

FeedGeni ensures that your products get featured and get discovered by prospective buyers. It has a Free Plan and Paid Plans too helping you achieve all your marketing goals for your Shopify Store and give you the leverage to go from strength to strength. FeedGeni's Product Feed Generator will improve your Google Search Marketing and will help you with long-term marketing success.