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Drops for OSRS gold

A quirky minigame lies within the basement dungeon in the Tower of Life.

In Old School Runescape, the Tower of Life is certainly a place of interest. It isn't going to win any awards for being a place to earn OSRS GP or bags of experience, but it does play host to an interesting quest narrative and a minigame in the basement.

The Tower of Life

The Tower of Life is found to the south of Ardougne. Alchemists focus on using hybrid methods on animals here, across the four floors that dwell within. The basement is the main area of interest, as it houses the minigame known as Creature Creation, which we will be discussing shortly.

It is a quest that brings you here, not in search for the glory of not having to find OSRS gold for sale, but rather to do some repairs. The builders have refused to do said repairs, so it is up to you to do it for them. Things take a sinister twist when it would turn out the alchemists were using their gains to create the Homunculus, which you will be able to free and cure during the quest.

Players who complete the quest will then gain access to the basement dungeon. Down here, we have a minigame known as Creature Creation.

About Creature Creation

The Creature Creation minigame tasks players with making their own hybrid monsters. These are then killed to get their drops. This is only available to those who have completed the Tower of Life quest, after which you'll find that there is a trap door that leads you down into the basement. Normally you'd need the builder's costume to get into the tower, but if you've completed the quest then you'll no longer need to.

If there are OSRS items for sale that you've struggled to find or afford, then you may be able to get them here. There are many items that can drop from the monsters that you create, though you still need to exercise caution. After all, there are monsters in there that can be dangerous. With that in mind, it would be worth spending some OSRS gold on food to keep you going.

Creature Creation Tips

Now we need some tips on what we can do to get the most out of the minigame. Firstly, when you are about to leave the game, make sure that you prime the altar using the ingredients. This means that the OSRS items will be there when you come back, so that you can activate the altar regardless of how much time passes.

If you are looking for ingredients when playing this game, try taking an ingredient with you that tends to be a common drop, and even more of the other ingredient that you find. By doing so, you can rest assured that the altar can be used many times in a single visit. You should be trying to get as many of the item you're looking for into your inventory. It may take you some time to get used to everything that is needed, but it will be worth it in the end.

Looking for unicorn horns? Then look into making the unicow. This provides you with a very quick method of getting the horns without having to buy OSRS gold to fund it. Remember that if you do try to find cheap OSRS gold, then have a site that you can rely on. Trusted OSRS gold is the best way forward, after all. Anyway, back to the task at hand. Go to a bank that has cows near it, then start killing them. Start to bank the cowhides yourself, unless you'd prefer to buy them with your OSRS gold.

A good place to go would be the cow pen that you find near Ardougne market. Every cowhide that you get will make a single unicow, that will then in turn drop up to four unicorn horns. Those that want to fill their inventory with unicorn horns will need at least 10 cowhides.

The Creature Creation minigame is just one of the key aspects to the Tower of Life. The building itself is predominantly based on the quest and what unfolds within. And why shouldn't it be, given that the quest is named after the tower itself? But there is of course this minigame, and it would be worth your time to check it out. There are some good drops that you could get in there that would be worth a decent amount of OSRS GP. With the few hints above you'll be able to really make use of your time spent in the basement dungeon as well. Just be sure to take enough food with you to last as long as possible.

Have you tried out this OSRS Tower of Life minigame? Let us know in the comments below!

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