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Dubai Car Rental Regulations Blueprint You Should Read Before Rent A Luxury Car

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Traffic laws are very strict in Dubai and you can get fine ranges from 500AED to 5000AED depending on the nature of the violation. The government imposes high fines in order to make the traffic flow smooth, as people will not break the law due to the fear of a high fine. If you are someone who is planning to rent a car in Dubai then you should read the important traffic regulation and law in order to avoid any complexity during your travel.

Before moving further, I just want to clarify that different can rental companies in Dubai have different policies when it comes to renting. So it is better to read their guidelines before you finalize the booking. Ok now you have decided to rent a car then you should what are the options you have?  There are numerous options to choose between a car model and it solely depends on the budget. You can rent Ferrari in Dubai if you think you can spend 3 to 5k AED a day. If you are not a Ferrari fan then Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce, Bentley is also at your disposal. If you are someone who has a limited budget then Toyota, Suzuki, Nissan models would be perfect for car renting. So there are luxury cars for rent in Dubai for every budget and you need to be worried if you have less cash in your pockets. Ok as we sorted out the car models, now it is a time to know about some important rules and regulations before you ignite the engine.

Valid Legal Documentation

Having a legitimate driving permit is an obvious requirement for anybody whether the person is a local resident or he came as a traveler. Local residents can apply for a driving permit and get one by passing a driving test or changing over their nation of origin's driving permit (if relevant). A duplicate copy of Emirates ID is likewise required.

Travelers can drive by using their country driving license or they need to submit a valid international driving permit. Besides this, they have to present a copy of their national identification card and visa page.

A security store is verified by the vehicle rental organization as insurance against any vehicle harm or traffic fines. Contingent upon the model of the vehicle, you will pay a specific sum between AED 1000 and AED 10,000. The store sum is returned in the wake of deducting extra charges in 15-20 days after the vehicle is returned toward the finish of your rental period.

Security Deposit Is Required

All rental companies in Dubai required a first-hand security deposit as protection against any car damage or traffic fines. Protection money completely depends on the car models you are going to rent and it can vary between 1000 AED to 10,000 AED. The car rental agency will return this money back, once you hand over the car.

Some companies demand advance deposit, but you should avoid it because it is nor recommended by RTA (road and transport authority) Dubai. Always pay with your credit card as your money is protected by bank in the form of insurance against any illegal charges. So it is advisable to use a credit card when you have to pay to the car rental company.

But for a tourist, things are a little different, as sometimes it will take some time to get your money back. If the company returns back the money in the form of money transfer or international bank transfer then you are the one to bear the exchange rates. SO it is better to clear out all the things before renting a car.

Don’t Break Age Limit Rule

As per UAE law, different age groups drive specific car types. For example, you can’t drive heavy vehicles like trucks if you are not 25 years old. But most of the cases, you can drive normal cars once you are 18 years old. But for luxury car rental Dubai based companies, they require you to be at least 21 years old in order to rent the car.

Why Companies Put Age Limit?

It is very important for rental agencies to add an age limit to ensure the protection of insurance. Because insurance providing companies don’t want to hand over the car to person less than 21 years old. So rental corporations have to follow this rule imposed by insurance firms.

Forbidden To Take Car Out Of Country

Once you rent a luxury car, you are only confined to the boundaries of the country, you are not allowed to get out of the country. But some car rental companies allow the customer to take car in Oman and Saudi Arab as these companies have offices there.

Payment and Fines Upon You

If you break any traffic law then it is you who have to bear the cost and it will add it in your final payment. So drive like a law abiding citizen in order to avoid the fines.


You don’t have to bear any maintenance cost of the car, once you will return the car. But if do damage to the car like scratches or break anything then you are the who has to pay for the loss.

Insurance Policy

All luxury car rentals in Dubai offer insurance and it is included in the final rental price. IIt is only applicable as long as it is not your fault. If you are asking for an accident by driving carelessly then you are one who has to pay the damage cost.


Rent a luxury car in Dubai is an easy task and one can book a service without any trouble. Always try to follows all the laws and you will be good to go. Don’t do over speeding, as you are driving rent Ferrari dubai or Lamborghini because people try to formula 1 racer when they drive expensive cars. Always take care of the safety of other drivers while you are driving because there is nothing important than life...

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