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Dynamics 365 Sales to Boost Revenue and Relationships.

In this article, we will be looking at Dynamics 365 Sales and its benefits for companies looking to boost their revenue and marignal cost of production improve client relationships with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales. Before we dive into this fantastic blog that can help Microsoft Dynamics partners improve their business, let us look into why companies need to work on their sales enhancement in the first place.


The world keeps entering a new reality now and then. Suppose it is not consumer trends, its political realities. If not, then fate throws are way a global pandemic. The world continues to surprise us, and we can no longer rely on one tried and accurate selling method. 


To maintain a solid and steady customer base, we need to foster relationships with them, but we also need to nurture them. Customer relationships have always been complicated. It has never been enough to know ‘your customer simply,’ companies need to find ways to connect with the customer. They need to reach out to them with valuable and relevant information at the right time to get not only their attention but also their business.


COVID-19 and Sales – A new challenge for Dynamics CRM consultants

On the contrary, sales have always been a challenging arena. Many sellers in the market lack essential visibility into their customer journeys, especially since online buying and e-commerce take over. Buyers usually research products and services even before engaging with sellers. 


Furthermore, now that there are various channels through which purchasing occurs (online, in-store, through applications, third-party vendors, etc.), sellers must juggle more buyers spread out across different time zones and locations. Now add COVID-19 to the mix. COVID-19 upended the traditional purchasing experience and pushed everyone towards online purchasing, and this trend is here to stay.


Sellers need to adopt digital experience to keep up with this new trend since this is not a temporary shift. Sellers now need to find ways to guide, collaborate and engage with customers remotely. This is where Dynamics CRM consultants and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales step in. Dynamics 365 Sales can help companies’ sellers streamline their engagement with their clients and provide a tailored experience that builds long-lasting relationships.

Microsoft Dynamics Partners and Sales Insights

Dynamics 365 Sales Insights has features that continuously evaluate your client interactions based on their purchasing patterns. This data is pulled from Microsoft Dynamics 365, other Microsoft technologies such as Teams and Office 365 and, your communications on other platforms such as LinkedIn. 


Microsoft Dynamics 365 sales leverage the power of artificial intelligence and the Microsoft Power platform to help your sales team save time, streamline their sales processes, and build customer relations. It also allows teams to focus on converting more clients with advanced Microsoft Dynamics 365 capabilities.

This article will discuss three critical methods in which Dynamics 365 Sales can help your business sell more.


Empowering Microsoft Dynamics 365 users with guided selling:

Microsoft Dynamics 36 sales monitor your daily activities from your connected sources through an assistant (previously known as the Relationship Assistant). The assistant locks on your communications and delivers actionable insights to you. 


This allows you to act on opportunities and build long-lasting, fruitful relationships with clients. The assistant serves as a guide that helps sellers close more deals. These insights can be further customized using the Assistant Studio to help with specific sales approaches. You can customize the insights based on sales cycles or upcoming activities etc., to get tailored data for your business.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales and productivity intelligence:

With Microsoft Dynamics, 365 sellers have more time to focus on clients as they can minimize manual data entry with contextual, real-time data. Dynamics 365 consultants have designed Dynamics 365 to constantly give real-time suggestions on updating records, log in new records, etc., essentially ensuring data accuracy.


This is a blessing for all sales teams. If you have worked in sales, you know how dreadful it is to log in to the daily activities in CRM. It is just plain dull and unnecessarily complex. Sellers want to spend their time engaging clients, finishing proposals, or networking. The tabulating data part of the job is a real bummer. Auto capturing features in Dynamics 365 sales have helped companies simplify logging customer data into CRM. 


This fantastic feature empowers sales teams by providing activity suggestions for sales such as meetings, emails, etc., based on the outlook accounts' data. This is highly beneficial for companies as this allows them to see relevant sales activities easily through their calendars. They are also able to link them to records ensuring that no sales data is lost or underutilized.

Connection insights for your sales team

Your sales team can build stronger relationships with their clients with AI-based connection insights. Dynamics 365 for Sales allows sellers to take proactive measures to mitigate risks by offering a detailed relationship health score.


Relationship analytics is essential in today’s challenging environment. Dynamics 365 for sales allows companies to assemble data throughout their database, create charts and graphs of KPIs, and track activities. 


This empowering feature will enable sales teams to calculate the team's complete performance along with the overall health and development of your business relations. This helps companies pinpoint which prospects need immediate attention. Sellers can decide which leads they need to act on frequently. They can schedule interactions, follow-ups, emails, etc. 



If the last year has taught us anything, it is always to be prepared. Sellers across the globe need to find innovative means of reaching out to their buyers without physically tailoring their buying experiences. Business challenges are evolving, and the demand for personalized experiences is on the rise. Technology plays a vital part in this as companies like Microsoft continually provide sellers with analytical tools such as Dynamics 365 to engage with customers. By utilizing Microsoft technologies, notably Dynamics 365 for sales, sellers can add value to their services and provide exceptional customer experiences and support facilities that can tackle any challenge that comes their way.


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