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E-cigarettes, a better alternative to smoking?

There are many people out there who want to quit smoking and start vaping. They have heard about the benefits of vaping instead of smoking but are still skeptical about this change. So, a question remains, is vaping or e-cigarettes a safe alternative to smoking?

Before answering, let's first understand what an e-cigarette is?

E-cigarettes can be defined as a battery-operated vaping tool that releases a vaporized version of nicotine. They are tools that will help in mimicking the impression same as smoking traditional cigarettes. They contain liquid nicotine and other chemicals. Nowadays, it comes in many versions. Visit our store Breazy to find the latest e-cigarettes.


We have listed some of why e-cigarettes may be the best alternative you can buy to curb your smoking addiction.

  • No more Tar

    In traditional cigarettes, regular smoking continues to build a layer of tar in your lungs. This tar slowly accumulates in the lungs, which causes a hindrance to your breathing. The tiny hairs present in your lungs are called cilia, responsible for removing toxins through phlegm; their working slowly diminishes, leading to more toxins residing in your lungs.

    E-cigarettes, on the other hand, do not produce any tar that can hinder your breathing. It only gives the same sensation as smoking without the health risks.

  • No more Carbon Monoxide

    Smoking a traditional cigarette produces not only tar but also harmful carbon monoxide. Carbon Monoxide is produced when incomplete cigarettes are smoked. If increased carbon monoxide is present in your body, it starts replacing oxygen in your bloodstream. This causes oxygen deprivation in the heart, brain, and other vital organs.

    This can lead up to severe situations like losing consciousness and even suffocation. E-cigarettes do not cause a problem with carbon monoxide. As complete burning of nicotine takes place, no carbon monoxide enters the body. At Breazy, we house some of the best vaping tools that are present in the market.

  • No more Diseases

    Traditional cigarettes are infamous are having carcinogens that can cause ailments like lung cancer, breast cancer, emphysema, heart disease, and other serious diseases. At the same time, E-cigarettes do not result in this disease and reduces the risks if transitioned from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes.

    Research studies have shown that vaping people have lesser amounts of toxins present in them than people who have been smoking regularly. So switch to a side that is more health-conscious.



Many research studies have shown that vaping aids in reducing smoking addiction and is not harmful compared to smoking. Vaping has not been in the market that long compared to smoking and thus cannot prove its credibility. But vaping has shown that people's dues to vaping have decreased their nicotine intake and slowly but surely lead to quitting smoking. Thus, Vaping leads to the best option for removing your dependency on smoking that is present in the market right now. Though e-cigarettes might support confirmed smokers in stopping smoking, there are general interests that vaping could threaten decreases in smoking among young people. A robust connection has been found between smoking and vaping, including in proposed group studies, noting that young people who vape have an enhanced risk of succeeding in smoking and vice versa. Regulative structures for vaping outcomes grow as countries seek an equilibrium within stopping vaping among non-smokers without checking current smokers from changing to vaping.

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