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Earn Handsomely Starting Your Storage Facility Business

With floor space available at a premium price and things in the offices and homes increasing in numbers and volume, it is getting difficult for almost all to rent or purchase additional floor space and store the articles. Many people or business move from one place to another or the office and house needs renovations, and it becomes a headache to dump the furniture and other inventory temporarily to some other place. The best solution is hiring storage facilities and be relaxed.

The demand for availing this type of facility is increasing day by day, and one can earn handsomely if engaged in the business of providing the services of temporarily storing the goods by the needy. However, before venturing out for the industry, it is best to have an idea of it so that there is no looking back.

Types To Consider Starting The Business 

There are several types of facilities which allows the customers to store their belongings and not all customers will avail a general facility. Some may need a big storage unit, and others may look for temperature controlled units, the requirement and demands will always vary. Therefore one should know the types of that can be extended to the customers.

  • Moving Company – With this type of facilities, one can help the business or offices or any households to shift from one place to another. The total responsibility of packing and forwarding the materials in good condition using containers and trucks is on the shoulder of the facility provider. Of course, the returns and profits are more in this type of business, and unlike other types of facilities, as no vast land is required.
  • Self-Storage Units – They are the most popular facility and are in high demand today. People rent them and store their belongings temporarily for some time. The units can be of different size, and the rent varies on the size and the duration of storing. However, one needs to have a large fenced area where these types of units can be built for renting and also requires to provide security of the area.
  • Weather And Climate Controlled Units – Many customers wants to store their goods in the storage units that are temperature controlled so that the belongings inside do not get damaged staying in a closed weatherproof atmosphere for a long time. One needs to have a temperature controlled unit having HVAC as well as humidity control units with a dehumidifier so that the absolute need of the customer can be fulfilled.
  • Mobile Units – If you want to engage in the business of mobile unit storage facility provider, then you need to move your container to the customer’s doorstep, get the things packed and stored in the unit and bring it back to your yard and keep the container. However proper storage technique should be practiced else the goods might get damaged while the container or the trailer is on the move.

In all the cases one needs to provide ample security so that the goods stored inside is not burgled and the customer stay relaxed. It should also be kept in mind that custom size storage facilities also need to be built at times depending on the customer need to store odd item. Of course, one can charge more and earn more in this type of storage.


With the demand for storage facility rising at a rapid pace, entering into the business to cater to the facility and earn handsomely is one of the best startup ideas. Although the initial investment is a bit high than many other types of business, the returns are quick and much more and without less headache. So start up your facility and earn a living through it.

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